Argan Oil: The Best Natural Oil for Your Hair

by Ankesh Kapoor Writer
If you are not familiar with Argan oil, then it’s an extract obtained from the kernels of the Argan tree. While the oil can be used as a conditioner, applying it regularly can make the skin and hair soft. The oil is nicknamed as ‘liquid gold’ and known to be the best natural oil for hair. So, once you start using the oil, the fatty acids and nutrients work towards keeping the scalp healthy.   
How does the organic hair oil help for hair growth?
As you use the oil for treating hair, it is usually used as a conditioner. Since the oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, it can promote hair growth and enhance the development of cells.
In case you’re using the oil as a moisturizer, then it can help to treat dandruff and keep the head moist. You would actually be happy with results as the hair becomes stronger compared to brittle hair. It also serves as a solution for hair damage and those who are annoyed with split ends.
Apart from everything else, the oil can help to get rid of frizzy hair and restore the texture for a longer time. An irritating sensation would never bother you even when you are using the oil frequently.
Using the oil for nourishing hair
Since Argan oil has the capability of restoring hair strength, it is one of the key ingredients in a shampoo. Hence, when you can’t source the best shampoo, you can pour some oil on your palm, and apply it on your head. Later, you need to rub the area gently, wait for a few minutes, and spend some time in washing hair. After cleaning hair, you would be in a better position to nourish the area and improve the overall appearance.
Using the organic hair oil as a leave-in conditioner
When you plan to use Argan oil as a leave-in conditioner, it can actually enhance the benefits and the effects. You are sure to appear beautiful with soft and shiny hair. So, as you grab a bottle of oil, you need to take a few drops on your palm, rub your hands vigorously, and massage the head with your fingers. Later, you need to comb your hair the way you like.
Ensure that you apply the oil just after you have washed hair using a shampoo. In case you do it the other way round, then remnants of the shampoo would be left behind.
Using Argan oil as a styling agent
If you wish to boast a unique hairstyle, then Argan oil is the best natural oil for hair. As the natural extract improves softness and hair strength significantly, it can make hair glossy. Way ahead, you no longer have to care about damaged hair which could otherwise be caused due to chemicals in the conditioner. The oil also has the potential to remove curls and protect the hair from intense sunlight.

A few steps would help you apply the organic oil. But, as you proceed in spreading the oil, the scalp shouldn’t be wet. You just have to spread the oil as if you’re using a hair gel. But, as you rub the area, you shouldn’t forget to use a comb for disturbing the oil evenly.
Finally, regardless of how you use the organic hair oil, you shouldn’t use it in excess. A little bit of Argan oil would certainly help to add on to the hair texture and manage to groom your hair.

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