Are You Looking for a Divorce Lawyer?

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Divorce Happens

Are you wanting out of your marriage? Maybe your spouse is having an extramarital affair or has become abusive. Maybe the two of you have grown apart over the years and agree that the marriage is over.

Know the Rules

You must follow the rules to obtain a divorce. You must have lived in the state for a certain amount of time, and you must have grounds for the divorce. Grounds include adultery, abandonment, and cruelty. But it takes more than just not wanting to be married anymore.

The Basics

A divorce attorney in Stephenville can give you the details. But here are the major issues that must be addressed:

·         Child custody and visitation. A couple with minor children will be required to attend a parenting class before a divorce is granted. If the parties can't agree, custody and visitation issues will be determined by the court. Courts consider several factors, including the best interests of the children.

·         Child support. Child support in Texas is based on a percentage of a parent's income and the number of children.

·         Alimony. You may be able to obtain short-term or long-term alimony. The court will consider such factors as your financial resources, your ability to support yourself, and the duration of the marriage.

·         Division of property. Property is classified as community or separate property. For instance, if you inherited property and kept that property separate during the marriage, that property is considered your separate property. Your spouse is not entitled to a share of this property. Community property is divided in a fair and reasonable manner, which does not necessarily mean that the property is divided equally.

Immediate Relief

If you're a victim of domestic violence, you can obtain immediate relief for your safety. You can obtain support while your divorce is pending. You can take steps to protect your personal finances as well.


Mediation allows a couple to work out their differences before a neutral mediator who is trained in facilitating disputes.

Don't Be Hasty

You may be angry or hurt, but you need to be smart. Learn what your options are. Don't just go to an online divorce site and try to fill out forms and navigate the process yourself. Your rights to custody of your children, financial support for you and your children, and a reasonable division of property are too important to take chances. Consult a divorce attorney in Stephenville and learn the proper steps to take.

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