Are We Still Recovering or One More Phase To Go?

by Sumit Gupta Freelancer

According to the WHO, people should be still taking precautions for themselves and their loved ones. It is not a joke anymore, where people refuse to wear masks just because COVID 19 is the new normal for our world.

Instead of settling down in the new normal one should settle and aim to bring back the old normal in the future. Every city, region, and country is not only facing the horrific health impacts but also the economic one as well. 

But in these times there are some leaders which tended to put their best foot forward in order to put this thing at the end once and for all.  Some of them supported the humongous supply of the COVID antibody test kit and some also came up with creative solutions, which as a result can make the cities much greener and much more environmentally resilient.


In order to avoid being much more sensitive to the Covid 19 and also protect the habitat around us, make sure that you are aware of these basic things around you and your loved ones.

Covid 19 Check-Ups

You might be confused yet baffling, what does a check-up have to do with the prevention of the virus. Well, people who are diagnosed, and people who are already treated should always have regular check-ups with a reliable COVID antibody test kit. The reason why is because it is still not proven that the person affected cannot come in contact with the virus again. Therefore, having monthly or weekly checks up will not be harmful to your own well being. One should also make sure and keep a tab on the steps that are performed while having a coronavirus test done, as it does make your result into a gold standard one. 

Prevent Harmful Gases

As the people have started working again and the machines have started operating again, the outcome of all the harmful gases and substances are natural and is an undeniable part of the process.  Certain industries such as chemical manufacturing and dealing with petroleum products give out much more harmful exposure to the environment as well. And some of them are odourless and undetectable also.

We for sure need our lungs to live and battle against any type of virus that comes our way. 

So to avoid that, companies and their owners should find alternative methods that will not only give relief of satisfaction to the world but also mother nature as well. Let’s not take our body and functions for granted and avoid exposing ourselves to these toxic gases. 

Grow More Trees

The one organ which is much more affected by the virus is the lungs. At first, the respiratory system is already affected by the harmful gases and then afterwards some people destroy them by taking dangerous carcinogens as a mode of pleasure.  To fight the effects of these chemicals on the need to breathe in nature, where a good supply of oxygen is strictly recommended. For this reason, one needs to not only focus on their precautions towards the coronavirus but also understand the responsibility to plant much more trees. 

The Accuracy Check


This is one more issue which we should focus on and have an eye out for this one as well. Yet, no one has any kind of precise measures for these tests but there is some problem that has occurred from time to time. For example- False negatives or False positives. This was the loophole for the virus to come in. Some of the company comprises the quality of their kits which can result in the matter of life and death as well. Therefore always keep an eye out for the recognized companies providing the best and STR-based Covid Antibody test kit. The STR based kits are not only flexible for small based labs but are also sensitive and specific towards the coronavirus. 

In the end, from covid 19 testings to keep a check on the climate, so make sure you not only trust the reliable brand but also check its FDA certification.  The wildly available and faithful tests withhold the capability to get this virus under control and turn the picture back as it was before this pandemic.

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