Are they Planning on 6G?

by Anurag T. IT Consultant

Here we go with 5G in some areas of Varanasi (State Uttar Pradesh) and Ahmedabad (Gujarat) 5G is already functioning. Our face changer, honorable PM Modi, recently launched it. However, I can’t assure you if the public is utilizing the 5G services because I did not hear of any death cases. It sounds funny when I relate it to death cases; however, we did click it globally with Novel COVID. In India, we were told that the vaccine might have a chip inside it to trace us down to every corner of the world. And some also said 5G testing is being done globally, ao only a few countries are affected by the radiation. These radiations, as per them, were affecting the lungs to which we were not so immune after all, as Doctors called COVID Pneumonia. I was a case years back.. not a covid case but a family member whose father was in ICCU due to mild symptoms. How soft it was! I wish I could take you there again and describe those times, but I won't bore you. Because today we are talking about 5G rollout, its charges, and 6G.  Yeah. 6G. However, you can still read this viral article on ‘How has the pandemic affected your life?’

I wrote on Quora a couple of years back. I might write another novel on my experience. Why did I say another? Because I am also a fiction writer, my not-so-popular story teenage Love’ is available across the e-commerce portal and published in 2018 with only 132 copies sold.

I am posting the links because I don’t lie; the links are facts. Buying or not buying is up to you.

Coming back to where we started. Telecom giant JIO has mentioned that they won’t put any extra tariff charges. They are going to use the same old and successful technique. They will give it for free and start charging once they have sufficient users. That’s how they monetize. Don’t you believe me? You would after this statement from a Senior Executive of JIO (not undisclosed) ‘In the initial stages, customers have to adopt 5G, then they will have to find value in the service, and then one can look at monetization’.

There are currently 550 million smartphone users, out of which 50 Million already have phones with 5G enabled. And these users are the ones that are going to adapt to 5G early. My wife, Srishti Pandey (Instagram ID @srispandey6), will be among the 50M users. I will be teased out because we have the wrong network in our area, and somehow, her cellphone has good coverage because she uses airtel. Which one do I use? I am using 4G JIO. Yet I expect them to provide me with an excellent 3G network now that they have launched 5G.

As per the data provided, 150-200 Million users change their phones every three years and expect 10 million to upgrade to 5G every month (I wanted to use the f word here). Because this is what will provide 120M users every year, now I wanna say, like Bahadur from Krrish’s Movie ‘Just Imagine!’

We are not even two days away from the 5G rollout, which happened in the nano-est area of the country; some guy at some corner of the world was very high (name undisclosed) that he challenged the most developed countries of the world by saying ‘India will take the lead on 6G’. I laughed this morning. Some weed was that. As per the source, India already has most of the technology required to develop 6G and lead next-generation space technology. And these patents are only with the Indian developer committer, which is not being disclosed yet. However, there is an underlying fact about the PM’s statement to lead in 6G.

Few MNCs are not skipping the chance to promote themselves by stating that they will be the first acquirer of 5G technology to provide more security and speed for work.

I am happy that India is making growth but keeping the economy at stake when the Dollar is winning over Rupee; I think we should focus more on Indian Startups when Companies like Wipro are terminating their 300 employees without any notice. You call it a recession or moonlighting; the affected people won’t care because their family’s economy is at stake. We can’t call ourselves a developed country, so we should stop comparing ourselves to one of those. Anyway, it’s all about your ‘point of view’, how you look at things, and how you prioritize them. Whether it was demonetization or any other movement, the poor and the middle class were first affected. People lost their lives which hardly matters if you look at earth from outside space. I believe that’s how they look at us. A tiny creature like an ant. Pity Humans!

Written By – Anurag Tiwari

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