Answers To The Common Questions About Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

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It is not a passive process to have healthy cells. It requires regular tune-ups that can slow down aging and reduce the chances of dysfunction of cells. You will be as healthy as your cells which when dysfunctions indiscernibly leads to diseases if not rectified at an early stage. With the use of the PEMF device you can have your cells fine-tuned in minutes. It rectifies the imbalance in the cells using pulsed electromagnetic fields. It can be used alone or along with any other therapy to restore the balance of cell dysfunction easily, effectively and quickly.

What Does It Do
The PEMF systems are useful to reduce pain and inflammation and even heal damaged cells. It will also reduce stress on your muscles and your body. It helps and promotes platelet adhesion, improves level of energy in your cells and promotes circulation thereby increasing oxygenation in the tissues and blood. Apart from that  is also proven to improve your sleep quality, level of cholesterol and blood pressure. You will have an increased nutrition uptake that will encourage in regeneration of the cells and its detoxification, balance the immune system, stimulate RNA and DNA, relax muscles and expedite repair of soft tissue and bones.
What Is PEMF
According to science everything is about energy that is always dynamic and has a frequency that changes by every second. All energies are electromagnetic in nature and are produced by the cells and atoms through its chemicals. Similarly every cell in your body produces its characteristic bio-electromagnetic field and its frequency helps in all of the 70 trillion cells to communicate. The Pemf Device promotes such electromagnetic exchange thereby controlling the functions of the tissues, improves cell metabolism and helps in healing.
How It Works
The PEMF device alone or combined with Pulsed Magnetic Therapy addresses the impaired chemistry within the cells and in turn improves your health. PEMFs produce health enhancing and beneficial EMFs and frequencies in the cells that pass right through your body. This cannot be absorbed while penetrating the cells, tissues, organs and bones. This results in the stimulation of electrical and chemical energy in the cells. Therapeutic PEMFs may vary in frequency and waveform, strength and type and can be simple or complex, high or medium. 
Is It Bad
PEMF is not bad provided it is used properly. You must remember that in the field of medicine no “one-size” fits all and therefore you must choose a PEMF device that will suit your specific health problem and condition. Selecting a wrong device will produce disappointing results. It will result in “electro smog” that will disrupt cell metabolism. Electro smog can drain your energy and therefore you must take help of a doctor.

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