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As the world is moving towards the advanced technology, we can see the changes happening in the sector of smartphones. Both the smartphones and its users are increasing rapidly and it is mostly because of the app stores. The app stores involve millions of apps submitted by various app developers that are building creative apps to enhance user engagement.

If you’re buying a new smartphone today, chances are very good that it will run either of two operating systems: Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. These two platforms are the most accounted platforms by the users.

A platform is great, it ensures the easy functioning of the app, and apps are likely the reason that enhances the capacity of the smartphones. The development of apps has influenced many businesses and are looking forward to hire android app developers as well as hire iOS app developers to get their app developed.

With the current advancements in the app development industry, most of the android and iOS app development companies are looking forward to developing on-demand apps for the users.

When it comes to developing an app how to choose between the two.  As per Statista, Google holds 88% of the market but you can’t ignore the high monetization prospects that Apple offers. The fact is that both platforms have a fair share of pros and cons.

In this post, we will outline the key differences between android and iOS and which one to choose for your project.

The market data of android and iOS

Units sold: In the last survey in 2018, 217.72 million iOS smartphones were sold and android sales went up to 1.3 billion.

A number of apps: Google play store has about 2.6 million apps while the Apple app store lingers around 2 million.

App downloads:Google’s play store has over 20 billion downloads where 8.4 billion downloads were made by apple’s app store

Average app revenues:In the 3rd quarter of 2019, Apple’s iOS apps generated $14.2 billion, whereas Android apps earned $7.7 billion through the Google Play Store.

The technical aspects of android and iOS

Development complexity:

 App development for iOS is less complex compared to Android, mainly because Apple has a fewer number of devices – iPhone, iPad, and iPod. One of the main issues with Android app development is that of fragmentation as there are many types of devices, smartphones, and tablets, besides differences in screen sizes, aspect ratios, and operating systems

Development time:

Due to more complexity in Google’s Android, android app development company takes more time than that of an iOS app. on average, android app development time is 30-40% slower than iOS.

Development cost:

The development cost can not be directly calculated without knowing the actual requirements of the client. yet, android development time is more so the labor charges increases. The hardware on which the app is also developed plays a role as an android studio application can easily be installed on a PC while iOS app development- mac is a necessity.

Programming languages:

Both platforms require completely different skill sets in terms of programming languages required for development. android uses Java and Kotlin while iOS uses objective C or latest swift 5. iOS app development companies hire developers that are specialists for these languages and the same happens for the android process too.

Publishing process:

Though the process of developing an iOS app is fast, yet apple has strict guidelines for publishing the app. android play store also has a strict set of guidelines but is comparatively easy to get the app published.

 Android vs iOS- difference, and comparison


Initial release: Android was released on 23 September 2008 and apple on 29 July 2007.

Source: Android is open source and apple closed with open source components.

Customizability: android is easy to customize where apple gives limited customizability.

Available languages: android delivers 100+ languages while apple provides 34 languages.

Voice commands: Android has Google Now and google assistant while apple has SIRI.

User experience:Android does not go par in terms of enhanced user experience while Apple wins in user experience.

Speed:android leads in terms of faster mean download speed while apple is considered better than android devices.

Social media integration: posting updates on social media is not easy on android as it is easy on apple.

Data privacy and security: security is an issue in android while iOS is considered the most secure platform.

Chances of malware:Android allows the installation of third-party apps that can harm data and increase the chances of malware while Apple iOS decreases the chances of malware.


Here are a few of the direct suggestions that can help you in selecting the right platform to get your developed on.

What should I choose – Android vs iOS?

· If you want the app to reach a wider audience – Android

·      If you want a higher revenue per user – iOS

·  If you have regular PCs and don’t want to incur additional investment in hardware – Android

· If you already have iOS hardware (Mac, iPhone, iPad) – iOS

·  If you prefer a less complex development process – iOS

·   If you prefer a smaller wait time to get the app to the Store – Android

·      If you like to customize the app – Android

·   If you want to reduce the risk of malware – iOS

·   If the privacy and security of user data is a priority – iOS

· If you want an app with better user experience – iOS

·  If you want better integration with social media – iOS



The selection of the platform can be easily done with the differences outlined. Why worry about the platform for your next project when you can get a 

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