Analyze the structure of the watch! What parts make up the watch?

by Amrole Lee Hifactory manager

Everyone has different preferences, so they like different watches. Some people like Casio, some like Lisheng, some like sports watches, and some like business watches. While you like watches, do you understand the structure of watches? What parts make up the watch? Then the following Li Sheng editor will take you to analyze the structure of the watch.

watch parts

The watch is mainly composed of the basic components of the movement, dial, hands, crown, case, bezel, mirror, back cover, lugs, buckle, strap and so on.

  1. Movement
    The movement is composed of gears and other parts, which are used to support the corresponding functions of the watch, including the internal time.

Second, the dial
The dial material is mainly made of copper and aluminum. It can be designed in different shapes or different materials. The time scale or simple lacquer or sudden printing can be replaced. , Paper, etc. For a watch, the design of the dial is also very important. In our industry, the dial is called the “face”, just as important as a person’s face. The same watch case with dials of different patterns and materials can achieve different effects.

Three, hands
The hand is an important part of displaying the time. In general, the watch should have the types of the hour hand, minute hand and second hand, except for special cases. For example, ultra-thin watches generally only have an hour and minute hands, and the second hand is optional according to the movement.

Four, watch case
The watch case usually refers to the outer casing part of the watch body (head). Its function is to contain and protect the inner parts of the watch (movement, dial, hands, etc.). The parts closely connected with the watch case are: watch mirror, bottom cover, Crown, buttons, etc. At the same time provide a stylish and charming appearance for the watch.
At present, alloy shells, copper shells, steel shells and tungsten steel shells are commonly used in watch cases.

Five, table mirror
The material of the table mirror is generally plexiglass, sapphire and minerals.

Six, back cover
The back cover is used to fix the movement, dustproof and waterproof. Mostly made of stainless steel.

  1. Press the cover to directly cooperate with the watch case (on time) (water resistance is poor).
  2. Screw on the case and the back cover have ribs and tighten (strong waterproof).
  3. Rose bottom case and back cover are fixed with rose, generally seen in square case (strong waterproof).

Seven, clasp
The buckle is mostly made of
stainless steel and titanium, which is the device of the movable strap in the middle of the watch strap. The types of clasps are: folding buckle, pin buckle, belt buckle, concealed buckle, folding safety buckle, hook buckle, butterfly buckle.

Eight, strap
A strap is a collective term for some individuals of watches to fix the effective part of their wrists. Straps are mainly belts, metal chains, rubber bands, ceramic bands, etc.
The selection of the strap should generally match the case. Select a certain material case to choose the style strap. There is a situation that can be ruled out, that is, the case of any material can be matched with the leather strap, and the effect is also ideal.

watch parts

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