An Overview on the Study Options for Higher Studies in Canada

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Canada falls under the top 5 study abroad destinations in 2021! Each year many students travel for their higher studies in Canada.


The education system in Canada has global recognition, and it provides top-quality education to the students. If you were planning to go abroad and study in Canada, you made a good decision! You will find many benefits and opportunities there! There are many top-notch universities in the country. Also, the place has a good vibe!


In this blog, we will be discussing the education system in Canada. If you are interested to learn more about education in Canada, this blog is for you! Also, you can find out how to get enrolled in one of the best colleges in Canada for international students.


But before we cover the above-stated topic, let us first understand why Canada is such a popular destination!

# Benefits of Pursuing Higher Education in Canada:


1- Exceptional Quality Education

When we make our plans for our higher studies abroad, we have to consider many things. It includes the costs, quality of education, course, and so on. And keep all points considered, Canada comes to our mind. There is no doubt in the quality of education one receives from there. Also, a person spends moderate expenses while planning their higher studies in Canada compared to other countries. In addition to that, there are several well-established universities and colleges that are known for their quality of educational services. Students also come across a variety of courses to study in Canada.

As a student, you can study for you’re under graduation, masters, and even Ph.D. courses in the country! You will find many degree courses that offer a scholarship to the international students.

The most popular and preferable courses are MBA, business & finance, engineering, physical & earth sciences, forestry, journalism, biosciences, architecture, etc.


2- Get a Part-Time Job While You Study

There are plenty of part-time job opportunities in the country. That helps a person in earning some Canadian cash while they study in universities. When a student gets a job in the subject/course they are majoring in, then it benefits them in understanding it better. Such changes only add up to their growth & development. The extra cash only comes in handy, aiding one in meeting their expenses or at times saving small amounts for the future. I mean, who would want to miss out on some extra cash! Am I right?


3- Affordable

When we go on a vacation, a lot of expenses are spent by us on food, clothes, stay, travel, etc. So, you can guess that a large sum of money is spent on our higher education abroad. Among the many countries offering great opportunities to international students for their higher studies abroad, Canada also grants reasonable costs. The education cost, rent, food, and transport are very affordable in the country! Doing a part-time job can be helpful in meeting the additional expenses incurred by individuals. On top of this, there are several institutions that grant numerous scholarships to international students, assisting them financially. One of the best known is the Ph.D. scholarship in Canada. If you are planning on pursuing your Ph.D., you may want to consider Canada for that purpose!


Canada offers much more benefits than these. You shall find about these on going to study in Canada with the assistance of our counselors at Abroad Admission.

# Education System in Canada


Students seeking higher education in Canada have plenty of options to choose from the educational institutions. There are many known and best colleges in Canada for international students.


The education system is divided into community colleges and universities for higher education in Canada.


    Community Colleges

A student can find a number of career/job-oriented study programs in Canada's community colleges. It offers certificates and diplomas for undergraduate or postgraduates. They offer the best experience through their hands-on learning. These colleges are most appropriate for students who want to gain some practical knowledge for a particular job.


If you want to study in Canada in community colleges, you should have a score of 50% or more in your previous academic qualification to become eligible.


    Universities in Canada

Students can achieve their degrees and doctorates in undergraduate, masters, or Ph.D. level from Canadian Universities. With the help of these study programs, students get educated and trained for job possibilities or further scope in the academics sector.


The basic eligibility requirement is to have a percentage score of 60 or more in previous academic qualifications. But, that can be different depending on the course you want to study and the university where you have applied to study in Canada.





If you are making plans to study in Canada for your higher studies, here are a few things about the structure of education in Canada that each student should know.


1- Diploma/Certificate: This qualification takes up to a year or two for its completion. These focus more on employment-based programs.


2- Associate Degree: The completion of this degree requires two years.


3- Bachelor's Degree: Depending on the provinces or area of the college/university, the course lasts up to 3 to 4 years.


4- Bachelor's Honors: It takes up duration of 4 years. There is a specific percentage or academic score criteria.


5- Postgraduate Diploma: This diploma gets finished within a year or two.


6- Master's Degree (Research): It takes up to one year or two to get completed. Students have to submit their research material on an assessment basis in order to finish the course.


7- Master's Degree (Taught): It requires a year or two for its completion, and there is no requirement to submit research reports.


8- Ph.D./Doctorate: A doctorate or Ph.D. is a very lengthy qualification that takes up to 4 to 7 years for completion. It is the highest form of academic qualification.


With the help of the above-mentioned data, a student can easily understand the education system in Canada.



Before flying off to Canada, make sure that you meet and fulfill these stated requirements.


     One must receive approval from an educational institute, college, or university to study in Canada.

     One must provide enough evidence that states that they have enough financial funds to support the monetary requirements for the different experiences to be incurred in the country.

     A character certificate by the police department of your nation is to be submitted to support your character. It should mention that the individual is not harmful. They do not wish to cause any danger or disruption to the safety, as well as harmony, of Canada.

     Show your medical records which state that you are fit and healthy to travel or stay in Canada. If asked to undergo a medical exam or inspection, one should comply willingly.

     The foreign traveling individual is required to assure an immigration officer that they would return to their homeland when the education is completed plus the duration time is expired.


The IRCC might conduct an interview round for the student traveling to study in Canada. For that purpose, they might be contacted by the Visa administration. If you are a student, do not worry much about it. Be confident.



If you are planning to study in Canada and are looking for some professional assistance through the procedural steps, let us help you!

Over the years, Abroad Admission has established a successful position for itself as an overseas education plus immigration consultant. The expert consultants recruited in our organization have successfully placed a vast number of individuals to multiple destinations such as Canada, the UK, Australia, the USA, and more.


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