Amazing Pizza Facts That You Must Not Miss Out

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Pizza has become one of the most devoured food items in recent times in the global fast food market. You will hardly come across a person who does not like pizzas. Be it simple cheese or a barbecue chicken pizza; it is liked by the young and old alike. One of the best and the most common option for every weekend party is pizza and probably most of us would secretly love to eat one every day.

However, there are some surprising facts which you never knew about it. This article lets you dive into some eye opener facts about pizza.

1.    Italy isn't the place of origin

Many of you might tend to believe and think that Italy is the place where pizza originated. However, the truth is that the Greeks made the first ever pizza using veggies, spices and olive oil to a crispy edge.

It was in the 18th century in Italy, when first ever commercial pizza started sailing across the market. Back then, poor Italian families used to buy plain flatbread stuffed with fillings in the name of pizza.


2.    The truth behind Margherita pizza

In the year 1889, when Queen Margherita and King Umberto came to visit Naples, people found a weird dish that they went crazy after. It was referred to as the peasant's food in the city, so the Queen called her chef and ordered him to make the most exquisite pizza for her. The chef used the best mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and rosemary for Queen's delight which later on gained its fame as Margherita Pizza.


3.    The pizza craze

Over 8 billion pizzas are sold each year, around the globe. An American eats approximately almost 50 pizza slices in a year. This is probably why America has over 70000 pizza places which are significantly a huge number. It's the time of Saturday Nights during which you will find the maximum pizza consumption.


4.    The frozen pizza

This isn't some stale pizza; this is ready to eat pizza invented in the year 1957 by Celentano Brothers. Earlier it was on sale at Grocery stores, but now it's popular enough and has made its presence at gas stations, local vendors, bars and other convenience stores.


5.    A cancer cure

In recent studies, it has was found that pizza consumption reduces the risk of esophageal cancer. But that does not mean that a pizza slice every day is going to bless you with a healthy life.

However, a pizza once a week can be good enough. This food item is rich in proteins and antioxidants that come with the cheese. So, you don't have to worry much about your hard and fast diet while you gobble your next pizza slice.


6.    Indian Variant

Any fast food chain which comes to India has to set up a new line of flavours to cater to the local crowd. The need to make the foreign dish a part of their regular life is not easy. In India, people prefer Paneer (cottage cheese), minced meat, loaded veggies, lots of chilli flakes and oregano helps as their pizza toppings.

You can find the most delicious Indian variant of this Italian delicacy at Pizza Hut at the best prices by using Pizza Hut offers today. You can walk in at any of their outlets or easily order your favourite pizza online to get doorstep delivery in a matter of a few minutes.


7.    Legality of Italian Pizza

Did you know that in Italy there's a law which specifies what all ingredients, methods, and ways of processing can be used to make an authentic Italian pizza? No other pizza which has different ingredients than what's specified qualifies for the run of the traditional Italian pizza. So, the Indian pizza variant and frozen pizzas definitely don't make it to the list.


8.    Pizza holds Guinness World Record

Yes, there exists a record-breaking pizza in the Guinness Book of world records for the longest pizza in the world. It was made in California with approximately 20,000 pounds of pizza dough, 4000 pounds of traditional pizza sauce and 5000 pounds of fresh cheese.

It was a 1.3-mile long pizza which was later on fed to the homeless and definitely made the makers earn some blessings too.


9.    Norway making way for Pizza

There's no way anyone can beat Norway in the maximum consumption of Pizza. Even though pizza is associated with Italy and now America, but it has made its way to Norway. Norwegians are fond of frozen pizzas, making pizzas at home and giving a small share to the pizza places.


Be it a thin crust pizza or deep dish; it's a delicacy you all enjoy. Little did anyone know that this dish which is a combination of some dough, a lot of cheese, herbs and add-ons like veggies and sausages will become one of the most enjoyed fast food in the market.

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