Alleviate Muscular Dystrophy with the power of Ayurveda

by Sania Kumari Professional Blogger

It appears as if the so-called rare disorder will no more be called rare in coming few years as the number of people affected with Muscular Dystrophy is on an increase over all these years. It is a degenerative disorder that leads to continual degeneration of muscles and atrophy and the cure of which is still not found in western sciences. The causes of Muscular Dystrophy are believed to be the inheritance of defective genes, inadequate production of proteins in the body, or gene mutations.

Muscular dystrophy starts with the progressive deterioration of skeletal muscles and then begins affects the internal organs like lungs as the time goes on. Be it any stage of muscular dystrophy, it adversely impacts the quality of one’s life. People at a young age, especially the children are more vulnerable to developing the degenerative disorder.  And, the worst part is that there is no effective muscular dystrophy treatment in India. That means that a person once afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy might never restore his optimum health and live a normal life. But, one can surely find muscular dystrophy cure in Ayurveda and alleviate the mental and physical sufferings caused by Muscular Dystrophy.

Muscular Dystrophy Treatment in Ayurveda

It is a fact that the treatment of degenerative disorders follows a different set of medications and therapies as prescribed in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment of Muscular Dystrophy in India also requires special attention to help the patient recover quickly, though 100% recovery is never guaranteed. The afflicted person might need to perform some complex yoga poses, stick to a simple and peculiar diet, and take oral or nasal medications, if required, under the expert guidance of Ayurveda practitioners. Muscular Dystrophy treatment in Ayurveda always works on eliminating the root causes of the diseases and not simply provides relief from the painful symptoms.

Though Muscular Dystrophy is incurable, the condition can definitely be alleviated by following a proper Muscular Dystrophy treatment. The medicinal plants as prescribed in Ayurvedic texts are enriched with nutrients and minerals that can do well to the patients of Muscular Dystrophy. Such herbs include Triphala, Mansrohini, Nirgundi, Guduchi, and Ashwagandha that facilitates the movement and efficiently performing day to day activities. The extracts of these herbs are blended in the right proportion to slow down the decaying process of muscles. Other than the consumption of these herbs, Muscular Dystrophy treatment in Ayurveda also includes other useful therapies like Snehana.

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