All You Need to Know About November Birthstone: Citrine

by Vikas Chordia Business Owner

November’s second birthstone Citrine is actually obtained from variety of quartz which have colour similar to pale yellow or brownish orange. The name Citrine is given because of its yellow colour and shades which make it resemble like na lemo. The pale-yellow colour sometimes makes it look like topaz. Thus, this is one of the reasons that Citrine and Topaz are often confused and difficult to distinguish. However, if you look closely you will certainly notice the difference. Citrine yellow hues are created cause of iron present in the quartz crystal. The natural occurred Citrine is a rare thing; most of the Citrine in the market is prepared artificially by heating iron with different varieties of quartz.

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Mining Location - There are few countries which produce this gemstone in abundance the top producer of Citrine is Brazil in the world. Apart from Brazil, there are other locations like Spain, France, Russia, Bolivia, Madagascar and some parts of United States like Colorado, California and North Carolina. The diifferent location produces distinct quality of Citrine.

Physical Properties - It is a hard gemstone with the hardness of 7 on Mohs scale, it is very much durable and hard. It is almost resistant against scratches and everyday wear and tear. Thus because of this it is popular choice amongst the wearable jewellery.

Health benefits – Citrine is famous for its healing properties and also known as “healing quartz” for it has the ability to heal and provide comfort to the person who is wearing it. It also gives the feeling of soothes and calm which helps him to be more focused towards his work. It can help you get rid of the negative is seldom called as “merchants stone” as it is popular for its property to attract the wealth and prosperity towards the persons who is wearing it.

Mystical Powers of Citrine - It has many well known astrological and mystical properties which aid the person wearing it. It helps in dealing a person who is suffering from Urinary, digestive and kidney diseases. It is said that it is a very good purifier and helps the person to purify his complete system from the toxins and medical medicine harmful effect. It is believed that Citrine is Tonic for circulatory system and help in the purification of blood.  It is believed that it helps one to deal with the regenerative diseases. It is very beneficial for those who are very much sensitive to changing environment and other influences. It is also being said that Citrine is very helpful in treating gall bladder illness and any form of thyroid imbalance.

History of Citrine - Citrine is one of the famous gemstone which is eminent from ancient times. The name Citrine is given to this gem because of its yellow colour in early 1385. As it very much resembles like topaz and can be easily confused and the same can be found in history.

Jewellery Made - It is one of the popular gemstone and men’s and women’s both like to wear it because of astrological as well as health benefits. It is usually found in men’s expensive cufflinks and rings. However, in case of feminine there are a lot of things in which this gemstone can be place from earrings to necklace. It is popular in yellow coloured earrings and rings which adds beauty to girls and women. Apart from the normal jewellery some famous jewellery like this gemstone beads and other customized jewellery is also available in the market which can be very adorable.


How to Buy Citrine?

If you are just shopping as you are November born or you are thinking to gift it in your 13-wedding anniversary, or just as a jewellery to complement someone beauty it is an impeccable gift for almost every occasion. Citrine is one of the cheapest and abundantly available precious stone in the market. Even quality pieces and large pieces are cheap or moderate in price. So, it is somewhat the best budget gemstone which you would be able to find in the market.

It can be detected easily because of its rare hardness which is almost like diamond. As this gemstone is made by heat treatment and experts can detect it easily. The finest Citrine gem has a little saturated yellow colour with the presence of few orange or reddish hues in it.

Citrine is available in small to big size of 20 carats and its price doesn’t go up with carat its big chunk is also inexpensive.

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