All You Need To Know About Google Docs Invoice Templates

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If you want to manage your invoices, you can manage through MS Excel. MS Excel is a popular program because it is a handy tool that allows expert users to use different features according to their needs.

With the help of google docs invoice templates you can manage your client's invoices online without any problem. Google keep your all data safe forever. However, other products can also solve your problems. We're talking about Google Docs, Google's cloud office suite. Users are able to create, edit and share documents. And always keep them online: which will no doubt make it easier to collaborate.

Another important benefit comes from the fact that we will always have a data in the cloud. This prevents us from annoying the loss of documents. Google Docs is an excellent solution for your office.

Is Google Docs templates are useful?

There are currently several billing options that can help you to resolve your billing issue. If you are self-employed or have just entered this world, you need to know that all invoices need to be ordered by number.

Follow a particular and detailed order (any changes or errors can cause you problems). And they add the right taxes. In many cases, there will be VAT, in other personal income tax, and others both. And while all of this will help the manager, we will also give you a cable.

This is useful if you don't want to install a billing program. And if that's enough for you and you have enough to have a template on hand.

Since March 2017, Google has not offered user’s access to the template gallery previously available to Google Docs. So if you set out to search there, you're likely to fail.

That's why we tried to find other templates that are available online for private creators. But anyone can use this as a template or sample document. And they are available online.

We recommends the first thing we want to offer you. This is a basic model that you can access. And in which you can enter all the information needed to formalize the account. If you need it, you can also make the changes you deem appropriate.

We found several invoices, but they are not in english. Fortunately, it doesn't matter. Because these are open Google Docs accounts, you can make any necessary changes. This way, in addition to changing the language, you can add concepts and formulas that are truly useful and essential to your business.

  • Black Invoice Template: Provides instructions for making changes
  • Service Invoice Template: This model is more suitable for service delivery
  • Sales Template: If you usually sell products, this invoice template comes in handy
  • Purchasing Template: Another invoice template for purchases
  • Packaging template: This template serves the same purpose as the previous one, but is available in a slightly more organized and shades of green
  • Legal Invoice Template: Those who provide legal or consulting services have this other template available, which can also be helpful
  • Freelance Account Template: This template is designed specifically for freelance or freelance users who provide services independently
  • Billing Invoice Form: If you'd prefer to change your account template via Google Spreadsheets, all you need to do here
  • Proforma Invoice Template: Some procedures require proforma invoices, so it's interesting to have a template on hand to know exactly what it is.

As indicated, the only thing you can use these templates to create accounts with is by downloading them. Then you need to translate the different concepts and tailor them to your needs. Although the originals are in English, this is the same as the invoice template in english.

Instructions for filling in the invoices

If you want to use any of the template we suggest, we recommend looking at all the information you enter first. It is essential to be aware of each of the data it contains and what it is. These are the following:

  • Account number. This is the number you assigned to the account to identify it within your accounting. They must follow the right order because it makes things a lot easier for you when you take your bills to the Tax Agency. If you notice an error, you may have problems. Make sure you did well and follow a logical sequence.
  • Release Date. All invoices must include an issue date. We also recommend that invoices be sorted by date in addition to sequential numbering. This will be very helpful in finding your place.
  • Order number.  This is the customer order number for which the issued invoice is the same, but is not required. Depending on your activity, it may not be necessary to indicate.
  • Expiration.  This is called the deadline by which the customer has to pay the bill.
  • Products or services. Here you must specify or indicate the type of product or service offered. Logically, it must correspond to the activity you are doing.

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