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All about sex toys

What kind of material should I choose? Is it dangerous to use a vibrator? What do I do if I'm allergic to latex? Here you get answers to most of what you wonder when it comes to sex toys (sex leketøy) ...
Which vibrator should I choose?

One important thing to think about is that we are all different. The VIBRATORER that gives your friend incredible orgasms does not have to give you the same heights ... You must self-assess what is most appropriate for you out of size, desire for vibration or one, material, shape and the like. Your expectations are the basis for the choices you make. No matter what kind of vibrator, dildo, clitoral vibrator, penis ring or vagina you fall for, it's smart to use the lubricant with the product. It makes the good even more delicious! You can read more about glides here.
Different materials

vibratorSex toys are made in different materials and if you are curious about differences and benefits among them, it may be worth reading on. Because when you choose sex toys, the material the product is made of can play an important role. It is worth noting that if you do not have any special allergies you can choose and wreck in all our products. And given that there are many hundred types to choose from, there should be something for every taste ...

The products that are supplied by the Condom are CE-marked. This means that they meet requirements according to the EEA and are not harmful to human safety and health or to the environment.
Phthalates in sex toys

Many have talked about poisonous drugs in sex toys and we realize that one can get worried and worried about reading this. We can reassure that the products we lead in our range are ce-approved. It is important to note that the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT) warns nothing special about the use of phthalates in sex toys: The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has conducted a study of the health hazard using sex toys. Their conclusion is that normal use is not harmful to using sex toys. (ref: However, particularly sensitive individuals, such as pregnant and breastfeeding women, have a higher safety margin and should therefore limit the use of sex toys made of PVC.
Proper cleaning of sex toys is important

The main health hazard when using an intimate toy is if it is not kept clean. Wash the toy with lukewarm water and intimate soap before using the product for the first time. And always wash it after you use it. Additionally, it's smart to use a vibrator cleaner. It removes bacteria and disinfects the product. Put the toy in a blank bag after it has dried, keeping it clean and dust free until you use it again.

If you use toy anally, always wash and disinfect after each use. You must never use a toy anally so to insert it into the vagina. You have another bacterial flora behind and they are not welcome in the vagina. (If it is still desirable, use a condom outside when the toy is used)
Sharing sex toys with others


If you share your DILDO or vibrator with others, we recommend using a condom outside. A sex toys can transmit any infection and infections. Wash the toy and disinfect it before you can borrow it. Due to the risk of infection, the Condom does not recommend sharing sex toys with others.
Here is an overview of the most common materials sex toys are made in:

The biggest advantage of using silicone as a material in sex toys is that people with sensitive mucous membranes and various allergies can use them without risk. In addition, the non-porous surface stops bacteria from penetrating the material if you swallow a little with the wash.
Silicone warms slowly to body temperature and keeps the heat for a long time, the soft texture becomes warmly smooth so you do not get friction when using a lubricant on it. Sex toys made of silicone are usually a little more expensive, but have a longer life than many other materials. Silicone is washed easily and can be sterilized with vibrator cleaners. It can also be boiled or washed in the dishwasher. (This does not apply to toys with electrical components) 
This is a fairly new material. The mixture consists of silicone and plastic. The feeling one gets through using products made from this material is quite sensational. It's an incredible natural material and almost feels like real skin. Cyberskin products are perfect for anyone who wants the most like "the real thing".
Because the Cyberskin material is somewhat more porous than other types of material, it is important to be a little extra careful with the hygiene of these products. Always use vibrator cleaners after washing to sterilize the toy. Allow the product to air dry before squeezing a little corn powder. This helps keep the material soft and delicious. Cyberskin does not contain PVC, phthalates or latex.

Jelly toys are made of a non-toxic rubber material that provides flexibility and mobility, but at the same time it's firm enough to be used in dildos and vibrators. The material allows for a large color range, but you can also juggle much in terms of how the toy feels. (Whether it's soft, hard, rugged, smooth, etc.) Because manufacturers make Jelly toys in so many shapes and variations, it's watery to choose from in between. It makes the perfect both for first time users and advanced users looking for something new.
Since the Jelly material is a bit porous, care should be taken to wash the product. In addition to intimate soap and water, a vibrator cleaner is recommended. This removes any bacteria.

Plastic toys make the vibration easier and they gladly give the user of the product a rather intense feeling. Hard plastic is easy to clean, but the material is unfortunately the one that has the shortest life. Plastic sex toys for 

analsex can provide a cool first-time experience and are usually a cheap investment.

Latex and rubber
Latex rubber has been out in hard weather due to the increase of latex allergies worldwide penisringIf you or your partner does not tolerate regular condoms, you should also control latex toys. Choose a product made of silicone, Cyberskin, hard plastic or pyrex glass.
Vibrators made of latex are usually cheap alternatives, but smart to invest in if you are unsure whether sex toys are for you. They are available in many varieties and shapes, but take into consideration that these toys may have a slightly shorter life than products made from other, more expensive materials. Latex and rubber products tend to have a special smell when opening the package, but it gradually decreases.

Pyrex glass
This type of glass is incredibly strong and it does not crack or break. Pyrex has a smooth, hard surface and the material absorbs both cold and heat. Put it on ice for a little while or put the dildo in the fridge if you want a cold feeling, or put it in hot water if you like it a little hotter ... Sex toys of Pyrex glass are often almost artistic. They may cost a little more, but the life of the products weighs up for the price. Even if you use only a small drop of lubricant, the product will be ultra low, and it's very easy to clean. The hard surface makes it impossible for bacteria to hide anywhere and you can boil Pyrex or put it in the dishwasher. (However, remove detergents as these may irritate skin and mucous membranes when used).

After use
It is wise to always clean the toy before leaving it away after use. Let it air dry and wear the Maisenna / Talkum on the products that will have this. Before placing it away, it is a good rule of thumb to remove all the batteries, thus ensuring that both the toy and the batteries have a longer service life. Irr in the battery compartment is often one of the reasons that the toy does not work the next time you want a cosmopolitan session.

Always put the toy in the box it came in, or in a blank plastic bag without pressure such that the toy does not stain the plastic. Bread bags are excellent for this. If you put the toy together, you may risk the rubber melting so that the toy can not be used.

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