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Tattoo – A fashion accessory or a way to define your character and feelings. Nowadays many people are getting themselves inked to be a part of the society and culture. But, there are still some people who get themselves inked with a deeper meaning. Tattoos have become a trend in the market and more and the industry has seen a boom in the recent times. A lot of thought is put in before getting that permanent colour on the skin. Tattoos have been a part of the human society for more than 12000 years and it represents deeper meanings to the society. But, the recent times have seen it just in the form of a fashion accessory and nothing more. It holds less or no meaning for people getting it and often leads to a disaster due improper methods and planning.
But, sometimes even after getting the tattoo, you may feel that it is not worth it. Such cases call for a tattoo removal. Tattoo removal process used to be painful and inefficient in the olden times and in most of the cases it leads to skin damage. The earlier method included excision, TCA, dermabrasion and Sal abrasion, all of which were painful and costly at the same time. But, with technology advancement Laser tattoo removal have gained momentum and removes tattoos in an efficient manner. The Effective Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne uses the current market technology to remove tattoos without causing harm to the skin. These technologies include Q-Switched lasers which are non-invasive and completely removes tattoos of any colour.
How does it work
You must be wondering that how does Laser help in complete removal of the tattoo from the skin. To answer the question in layman terms, Laser breaks down the ink pigments from under the skin which is then removed by the “ninja fighters” commonly known as the immune system from your skin. The tattoo colours absorb light in different spectra and therefore, the tattoo laser must be set at that energy level to complete the process. The dark-coloured tattoo is easier to remove as it absorbs more energy but difficulty arises in removing the lighter colours such as yellow, pastels or fluorescent inks which are natural reflectors. These colours contain titanium dioxide which is highly reflective and normal lasers cannot remove them from the skin. However, tattoo removal calls for frequent visits which are further monitored by different factors such as the size of the tattoo, depth of ink, skin type and age of the tattoo, to name a few.
Things to Know
Tattoo removal can be a complicated process and requires proper research to achieve the desired results. Laser tattoo removal Melbourne lays down a series of steps to be followed to make the journey easy and painless. With each step, you might be able to take the decision of choosing the right method.
Set expectations
It is very important to set the right expectations before a getting a tattoo removed because the complete removal is not guaranteed. Consult a laser treatment or skin doctor for the right advice before going through the process as it may leave a hideous scar on the area which may haunt you for the rest of your life.
One, two or three
The person looking for tattoo removal must be ready to try multiple seating for tattoo removal because it will not be removed in one seating alone. The number of sessions is not fixed but varies on many factors such as skin type, the age of the tattoo, size and depth of ink etc. It is important to understand the actual condition of the tattoo to determine the length of treatment.
Location of tattoo
The current location of your tattoo can be one of the deciding factors for the time taken in the process. The fading time is increased for areas which are away from the heart as the blood flow takes time in those areas.
Educate yourself
There are several options for tattoo removal in the market and you must educate yourself about all the techniques to make an informed decision. Laser technology has also experienced advancements in the market and comes in different wavelengths for different colours. Depending on the colours in your tattoo, you might want to choose a mix of different laser treatments for proper removal.
After Effects
Be aware of the post tattoo removal symptoms which include blisters, swelling, bleeding etc. It can also lead to several side effects such as hyper (darkening of the skin) or hypo (lightening of the skin) pigmentation. However, these effects recede within 6-12 months of treatment. The other effects include scars or burnt skin which causes slow skin recovery.
It is very important to perform a proper research to get efficient results as a minor mistake can leave you with a bitter scar for the rest of your life. Laser tattoo removal Melbourne is one of the trusted techniques for removing tattoos and causes less harm to the skin. Therefore, it is advised to plan before getting a tattoo so that removal should not be an option.

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