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The young generation has become more inclined towards staying indoors be it for work or leisure. The level of pollution has been tremendously increased and the quality of air has been gradually downgrading, making most of us more prone to various respiratory diseases. Fortunately, the technology has taken the front seat and the new solution for cleaning the air inside your space are the air purifiers. This machine purifies the air around you by removing harmful germs, toxins, and pollutants present in the air making it pure and clean. Many kinds of air purifiers have entered the market, to make sure you purchase the right fit for your space, here are a few things you need to consider. 

- Choosing the Right Filtration Technology

In a purifier, filtration is the first thing you need to consider. Air purifiers are manufactured with different kinds of filtration technology like ionic filtration, HEPA filtration, Carbon filtration, and Photocatalytic filtration. Each of these filtration technologies comes with different pros and cons and customers need to decide their preferences by understanding the details of the technology used in each of them.

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- Room Size

Room size naturally plays an important role in deciding the air purifier choices. Bigger spaces need larger purifier and the same goes for the small ones. The market has all kinds of sizes ranging from heavy to compact ones. Figure out the coverage area of your room you want to place the purifier in and then make your choice.

-  ACH

ACR basically stands for air change per hour which means the value of how many times the purifier has the capability to exchange the air inside the room with fresh air every hour. The number of times a purification cycle gets complete denotes the ACH of that purifier. The higher the value of ACH, the better the quality of air purifier it is. If there’s any patient in your house with a respiratory problem, go ahead with the higher ACH purifier.


Clean air delivery rate helps the consumers to find out how well the device is cleaning the air within a particular space. It measures the type of pollution in the room like dust, tobacco smoke, pollen, etc. it is displayed in the model as a bracket of three numbers, the higher the rating, the better the performance of the purifier to clean the room.

-  Weight, Portability, and Noise

Air purifiers are pretty heavy as appliances and it becomes difficult to move them from one place to another. Always make sure you go with a lightweight one if you wish to keep it mobile or at least comes with castor wheels. The noise emission level also makes a difference, especially during the night, go ahead with the lionization technique or UV technique to minimize the noise levels.

-  Maintenance and Running Cost

Air purifiers are very high maintenance devices, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis both exterior and interiors. The filters are the lifeline of these filters and they need to be maintained well at all times for best operation. The replacements of some filters cost a fortune to the customers if the filters get too clogged with the pollutants inside. Make sure you find out the filter replacement cost beforehand only.

The power rating of purifiers also matters a lot if you plan on keeping them running throughout the day. It makes a huge mark on the electricity bills if not maintained well. Normal purifiers run on the wattage of 50-70W while some other premium brands run on the wattage of 20W or less.

     -    Air Purifier Placement

Placement of air purifier is important in your space as the working of some purifiers depend on son ionic of UV filtration technology with the radiation in a 360-degree circle. If you place them beside a wall, the output will be blocked out. Thus placing the purifier in the center of the room helps in delivering the quality output. If the center is not possible, then try placing the same a few feet away from the wall to make it work smoothly.

These are some of the points you need to consider before purchasing an air purifier. Checkout out the multiple amazon offers on the air purifiers and avail the benefits of rewarding amazon cashback. 

Author: Maheroo Butt

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