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Diapers are the most basic essential for a newborn or a toddler. It saves so much time and energy for a new mom. In the initial days after childbirth, maintaining hygiene is crucial. So, it is important to keep the baby clean and dry all the time. Using cloth nappies for babies has been followed from ages but it can be extremely cumbersome and dreadful to wash it. Thank god for whoever invented diapers, it makes the life of mommies easy and trouble-free. But before investing in diapers, it is good to know a few important things.

So, here is the list of points jotted down below to make your life simple and hassle-free.

1.   Know the different types of diapers – The two main types of diapers are cloth diapers and disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly, cheap and reusable. They might be the most economical choice and is also the one which has been used from our ancestor’s age. However, with the current fast food world, it is nearly impossible to wash a heap of wet nappies every hour. The disposable diapers seem to be a blessing in disguise for busy parents.

For parents who are concerned about diaper rashes and who wants to keep track of wet diapers can use a combination of these two. You can use cloth diapers during the day and disposable diapers during the night. But make sure you have all the help under the sun to wash cloth nappies on time.

2.   Explore different brands to decide the best brand – First-time parents should always buy sample sized diaper packs for their babies. Choose from different brands like Huggies, Mamy Poko pants, Pampers etc. It is also good to try different types like pants, pre-fold and more. Keep a close watch to decide which suits the best for your baby. More absorption results in dry nights for a happy and relaxed baby. Also, keep in mind to avoid buying jumbo sized diapers before exploring the sample packs from different brands.

3.   Shop for diapers at the right time – A jumbo-sized diaper pack can serve you no more than 15 days. Sometimes maybe even less depending on the frequency of usage. This, in turn, can leave a big dent in your pocket. Hence, it is always best to shop for diapers online during the sale season. This fetches you interesting discount offers and saves more money to your shopping budget.

4.   Do not go overboard – Well, the alluring online sales can lure you to buy almost everything under the hood. So be cautious not to purchase more than what is necessary. This is because babies grow in lightning speed and the diaper which you purchased this month might not fit your baby in the coming months. If you have a fast growing baby, then you could possibly buy a size bigger for the next few months. Shop wisely to avoid wastage.

5.   Buy different types of diapers for different age groups – It is best advised to use different types of diapers for different age groups.

- Newborns – Newborn babies are fragile and the umbilical stump is still drying post birth. So, opt for something very comfortable, soft and it is still ok if the absorption capacity is less as you are going to change the diaper quite frequently.

 - 6 months to 9 months – The baby starts solids from 6 months and hence might poop frequently. So it is good to invest in a diaper with a good fit to avoid mess and leakage.

-  9 Months to 1 year – The baby is more mobile as it starts crawling and walking during this period. So, pick a diaper with not just good fit but something that offers more flexibility. Babies at this age also start sleeping through the night and hence needs diapers with good absorption capacity. This helps in the tranquil and happy baby at night.

-                    1 Year - Most of the babies around this age are either potty trained or in the learning process. So, it is a great idea to buy diaper pants to pull it down easily when the kid wishes to use the loo to pee and to also avoid accidental poops.

Hope, this helps all the new parents out there to decide the best diaper at different ages. We parents continue to learn at every growing phase of the baby and the learning never ends.

Happy Parenting!

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