Advantages and Disadvantages of a Full-Stack Developer

by Anannya Agrawal professional trainer for mobile and web applicatio
There is a myth that the web development industry offers two primary professions to choose:

1. Frontend Developer or Web Designer
2. Backend Developer or Web Developer

Surprisingly this myth is further from the truth. Most MNCs and even startups are in search of full-stack developers.

Astonishingly, they are paid well as compared to web designers and developers.

As per Indeed job portal, the average annual salary of a full-stack developer is 6.4 Lakhs as of March 2020.

However, Who Are Full-Stack Developers

Full-stack developers are skilled with the development of both frontend and backend of an application. They have excellent skills in design thinking, as well as the logical implementation of a system.

They can design UI/UX of an app as well as develop the backend logic and databases.

Digging deeper into full-stack developer`s profile and their job descriptions helped me conclude the following:

a. Proficiency is necessary for at least one technology stack.
b. Technology stacks are the combination of frontend and backend technologies such as MEAN, MERN, Django, Ruby on Rails, and more.

Also, choosing full-stack development as a career choice has many pros and cons.

Let us have a look.


- Knowledge of Multiple Technologies

The prime requirement of being a full stack developer is to have skills of both designer and developer. Therefore, once you have various tools in the arsenal, you can expect faster career growth.

- Quick Prototype Development

You get expertise in designing frontend with JavaScript, HTML, and more. Along with it creating a backend database using Java, Python, and more.

It helps to develop the prototype on your own quickly. It also reduces development time and coordination hassle.

- Project Cost Reduction

The companies do not need to hire a separate designer, developer, database expert, and deployment specialist. Therefore, the project cost can drastically go down, which gives you an added advantage.

- Better Team Communication

Since the stakeholder involved in the project have all the skills required, there would be no usual inter-departmental coordination challenges. It can result in early issue resolution and faster delivery.

- Switching Between Technologies

Once you are well versed with one stack, you can, at any time, switch between frontend and backend development as per the needs.
Besides, you are aware of the code & design of the application, along with the end-result. It eases your task of solving any complexity or issues in the project.

- Easy Career Specialization Switch

Based on industrial requirements, you can always switch your roles as and when required. It would help you be more desirable in the job market.

- Better Career Growth Opportunities

Full-stack developers have higher chances of getting into leadership and managerial roles. If you want faster career growth, you must opt for a career in full-stack development.

- Being Jack of All Trades and Master of None

It is the most significant disadvantage of being a full-stack developer. You may have some skills in everything; however, you may lack specialization. It can cause trouble in some instances.

- Technology Drawbacks Combined

If there is a drawback in any one technology of the stack, it can affect your career prospects. And, it can directly influence the selection of stack for projects.

- Suitability of Projects

Your technology stack owing to some technological limitations can cater only to a few kinds of projects. Therefore, the suitability of projects should be of prime concern.

- Poor Time Management

Since you have completely developed the project, there is a significant personal risk involved. If the project requires any form of complex computation or data processing, it can lead to delays.

Besides, you would be depended entirely on the project. Therefore, if there is an issue in design or code, you have to handle it by yourself. It can affect your work efficiency in later stages.

Despite such drawbacks, it would be fair to say that full-stack development is a great career choice.

If you have better training in the practical concepts of your stack, opportunities are endless. Join LearnAtRise`s Mean stack development course, if you wish to have an excellent career in this industry.

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