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Pasteur pipettes also referred to as droppers are used to carry and transfer a small amount of liquid. Basically it is a tube like structure with a narrow ending and top attached with a blub like structure to exert pressure. Pasteur pipettes were discovered by a French scientist named Louis Pasteur. He used them in most of his experiment because earlier there was no medium to transfer chemical without being exposed to environment. So, Pasteur pipettes were introduced to maintain the purity of the chemical solution, as these were cheap and easy to be replaced.

Working of droppers

Pasteur pipettes or droppers work on principle of air suction. A bulb like structure is attached to one end of the dropper which on squeezing releases air, which means the pressure is exerted outwards. When the droppers the open end of the dropper is brought close to the liquid, and the bulb is released slowly, then the force will be exerted inwards. Thus, pushing the liquid inwards. The liquid does not fall, due to the pressure inside the dropper.

Types of droppers

There are two types of droppers available in the market

1. Plastic dropper: Plastic dropper (also known as transfer dropper) is made up of a single piece of plastic, i.e., bulb and tube are made from single piece, there’s no attachment between them. Basically these droppers come in 4 sizes- 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, and 5ml. These types of droppers are disposable and inexpensive, which makes them the most hygienic way to transfer a liquid. They are difficult to wash once used. Mostly they are used for transfer the aqueous solution, they cannot transfer organic solvent like hexane and acetone, as they can be easily dissolved in them. They are in available in the pack of hundred. Plastic dropper supplier before getting them supplied makes sure that the dropper does not get exposed to the air.

2. Glass dropper: Glass droppers are also known as eye droppers. They have a tube made up of glass attached with a rubber bulb at one end. These types of droppers can be washed again and again and can be used indefinitely. Unlike plastic dropper they can carry organic and acidic solvent. Although there might be a slight difference due to the solvent getting stick to the glass.

Uses of droppers

#1 Dropper can be used to give medicine to patient, as for some medicines it is mandatory too give the correct amount of dosage. Even some liquid medicine comes with the dropper inside the box due to this reason.

#2 Dropper can be used to add correct amount liquid herbs to the medicines. Some herbal medicines require correct amount of liquid herbs which can be only added with the help of a dropper.

#3 Not only in the field of medication but droppers can be used for personal use like adding correct amount of oil to the food using droppers. Apart from it, it is also used for refilling ink in pens such that it can be used by students, individuals and teachers in different phases of life.

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