A minimalist skin care routine for men

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Both men and women should pay attention to their skin care routine. As a man you don’t have to follow complex steps to maintain and protect your skin, a few basic adjustments will do the trick. The secret to getting long-lasting results is to be consistent in your routine. It may sound a little overwhelming, but after following these steps for a few days, you will grow a routine and you will find satisfying to care for your facial skin.

Washing your face too often can ruin your face’s natural oils. It’s important to wash your face once a day, you choose when you find it suitable, you can do it in the morning or in the night before going to bed. This will work especially during the cold season when your skin needs to stay hydrated. During summer it’s advisable to start the day with a cleanse and to end it the same way. Pollution and dirt can damage your skin overnight. Specialists recommend using a glycolic acid face wash if you are experiencing skin problems. For sensitive skin it’s advisable to alternate products, you can use a mild product on the days when you shave, and an exfoliating product on the other days.

Free radicals lead to oxidative stress, a process that damages your skin quality. You don’t have to be expert in chemistry to know that UV rays, industrial chemicals, cigarette smoke and air pollution have a negative impact on your body and skin. Using mens facial products rich in Vitamin C will help you prevent and reduce the damage your facial skin is experiencing. You should apply the products in the morning after completing your shaving routine. Both men and women should properly moisturise their skin. It’s advisable to use a product containing SPF both during winter and summer because UV rays can have a negative effect on your skin quality. Sunscreen is not only for the days when you hit the beach; incidental sun exposure can cause extensive skin damage. Do not use a moisturiser if you don’t have dry skin. Drinking plenty of water can do the trick for the persons with oily skin.

The average man has skin thicker than women have. He also tends to have oily skin because of the testosterone hormone. Therefore, when you choose skin care products you should opt for the ones that can prevent oil formation. Depending on the type of skin you have, you should use products designed to help you with the problems you are dealing with. Sometimes men have a mix of oily skin with dry patches, and if this is your case, you should use a combination-skin care product. And only because you are a man it doesn’t mean that the products labelled as being designed for women will do harm to your skin. Until you find a product created for men that help you solve the problems you are dealing, it’s ok to use some of the products your better half is using. Do not limit yourself to using certain products based on their packaging.

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