A Comprehensive Guide to Grow Taller Naturally

by Jonathan Wilson Health Consultant
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A seed is nothing but a potential tree. The seed of mango becomes a mango tree. The egg of bird is a potential bird. The egg of an eagle becomes a majestic eagle. Whether it is a seed of a plant or an egg of an animal or a new born babe of human-being, the potential for development and growth is always there. Each child is special, unique and individual and its potential is hidden in its genes. A seed needs proper nourishment and environment for becoming a full grown tree. And an egg needs the proper nourishment and environment to become a full grown animal. In the same fashion, a child also needs proper nourishment and environment to become a fully developed human-being. We need to educate ourselves regarding the lifestyle and diet that we should adopt, so that, our full potential is manifest.

Besides, the genetic potential that is latent in the child, there are other important factors too that plays a vital role in the growth and development process. If a person is encouraged and is informed the right and healthy lifestyle, and be given proper environment for development, and be educated to know the nutritious diet, that person can gain even more height than the genes allow.

A deep understanding about the growth process is required to unfold all the potential. A mango seed can become a mango tree, a palm seed can be turned to a palm; in the same fashion, growth of our body is predetermined by our genes. The colour of eyes, colour of hair, overall body complexion (dark or light), size of the body (short or tall), shape of the body (thin or fat)... everything is predetermined. But remember... there is always space at the roof. Think once, if all the growth and development is genetically predetermined how the evolution would be possible? The truth is we can cultivate ourselves beyond our genes and only then we can say we are born free. The unrevealed truth is, all the physical growth is predetermined by our genes but only 60 to 80% and still we can culture the other 20-40% of our potential. This is the point around which all my research goes. This article will surely help to unfold the full growth potential.

Other than Genes, what are the factors that can unfold the 100% Growth Potential?

The prominent key factors that are responsible for the growth of the body are 'lifestyle', 'environment' and 'nutrition'. And this is where the key source of secrets to growth comes into play. Now, this is your cup of tea. This article will highlight you what lifestyle and dietary habits you need to follow to achieve the best possible stature.

The secrets that are revealed are completely safe and natural and don’t have any side effects as my total emphasis is on the improvement in lifestyle and diet, no surgery and no drugs. This article will enlighten you about balanced nutrition, correct postural habits (standing, sitting, and sleeping), yoga, stretches and exercises, and how deep sleep and relaxation stimulates and boost human growth hormones to manifest all the growth potential.

Lifestyle: What should be Vs What is?

The Industrial, Technological and Digital Revolution have made our life full of comfort and convenience. But the human body needs work. It is hungry for work. And the sedentary life is giving us the lifestyle problems like the heart problems, diabetes and hypertension. And remember, anything that causes diseases is also ceasing our progress, growth and development. In case we want to achieve comprehensive growth and want to avoid and get rid of modern health problems, we must adopt an active lifestyle.

We must give our body the required exercise, it daily needs. It has been observed that the people, particularly our youth, have become fond of junk and fast food. This food fills the stomach but fails to provide the essential nutrients for the proper growth of the body. Junk food is only carbohydrates and fats. It is devoid of vitamins, minerals and proteins. This food is though convenient yet leads to malfunctioning in the metabolism and weakens the immune system and forwards an invitation to various health problems. Therefore, there is a need for educating the people about the importance of balanced diet. A balanced diet is that which provides us with protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. To make the diet balanced we should include grains, pulses, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and dairy products in our daily intake.

Moreover, the health conscious and longevity desiring people must avoid drinking and smoking. Drinking and smoking give us zero nutrition. Drinking damages the liver and smoking causes lung cancer. Modern technology has provided us with televisions, smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles and many other electronic gazettes. Undoubtedly, these gazettes are useful and make our life efficient. But at the same time the entertainment these things are providing is making our men and women habitual. They are devoting the major portion of their night time for enjoying these gazettes and fail to get the required quantity of sleep. They need to sleep at least for about 8-9 hours daily but they are sleeping for about 5-6 hours. This lack of sleep is adding stress to the already burdened life of our young people. And stress is damaging our physical and mental health.

The Dietary Secret to attain complete growth: Firstly, feed and repeat to yourself that no key is going to unlock your 100% potential without following a disciplined lifestyle. The first thing to include in the list is balanced diet. The balanced diet includes Leafy Green Vegetables (such as spinach, okra, Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage) peas, collard greens, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.); Fruits (such as banana, cantaloupes, grapefruit, papaya, mango, passion fruit, watermelon, apricots, etc.); Dairy Products (such as milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.); Eggs, Chicken, Fish, Soy Bean, Oatmeal, Nuts and Seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Miracle Herbs (such as Ashwagandha, Rhubarb, etc.).

The Exercise Secret to achieve towering height and well-shaped body: To earn the forgotten inches there are many exercises and stretches that can be included in our daily routine. To enhance muscle length and strength follow these exercises and stretches such as Swimming, Running, Skipping Rope, Jumping, Hanging, Standing and Seated Toe Touch, Pelvic Shift, Table Top, etc.

Yoga promotes proper growth of the body: Yoga is greatly helpful to grow taller in two ways. Firstly it works through postures and helps us in correcting our postural habits. Secondly, it helps to achieve calm and peaceful mind which leads to stress-free life. With stress-free mind we can have better sleeping which stimulates the growth hormones. The Human Growth Hormones (HGH) is a key factor to explore the 100% growth potential of the body. Remarkable growth results can be achieved by practicing yoga in correct and disciplined way. The prominent yoga poses that can help you grow taller are: Cobra Posture, Tree Posture, Lying-down Body Twist, Triangle Posture, Sun Salutation (constitutes 12 poses), etc.

The Posture Secret: Correcting the posture can immediately reflect notable increase in height and will also eliminate the pain in the neck or back that was sitting for a long-long time due to wrong postural habits. According to Anatomy, Spine is 80% accountable for the overall height of human body evidently suggesting that if the body posture is wrong and you slouch, you will clearly hammering your appropriate and actual height. The human spine consists of 33 vertebrae, and these vertebrae interlock each other and form the spinal column. This spinal column enables all our movements such as standing upright, bending, and twisting. Undoubtedly, standing, sitting or lying in incorrect postures can steal the actual height of the body and will also cause unwanted and permanent pain to the neck and the back.

The Sleeping Secret: In the economic progress of human civilization during the industrial, technological and digital revolution the important element of life that has been smashed is SLEEP. The overindulgence in the modern electronic gazettes has taken away the major portion of the sleeping time. And this has given birth to an unseen devil, called STRESS. Almost all the health researchers and scholars are claiming that stress is the main culprit behind most of the modern chronic diseases. An understanding is required that the time we asleep is not the wasted time rather sleep is the only element that enables us stay awake efficiently. The fact is sleep rejuvenates life. Now, from the growth point of view, sleep is the crucial factor for production levels of Human Growth Hormones. And if you don’t know about growth hormones, you will surely miss the opportunity to explore the maximum potential for growth of the body. Moreover, there is compression in vertebral disc due the earth gravitational force during the day time we spent in our daily activities and during the sleep time our compressed disc got the opportunity to expand. This is the reason why we look taller in the morning than the end of the day.

Massage Therapy: Massage therapy help promote the better absorption of food and improves blood circulation evidently manifests the body to attain the 100% growth potential. In the recent studies, many health researchers have found that massage therapy not only provide strength and relaxation to the muscles and the bones but also galvanize the glands of the body. These glands secrete the hormones that are crucial for the growth process such as the growth hormone secreted by pituitary gland directly influence the height of the body. The experts have mentioned that there reflex points in the body and if they are massaged in the manner they should be, the glands can secrete of the growth hormones. Moreover, massage induces sleep and we have already studied that sleep is a vital element that promotes the comprehensive growth of the body.

Rolfing Structural Integration: Dr. Ida P. Rolf recognized the web-like network of connective tissues (also called FASCIA) and has developed Rolfing Structural Integration to realign and balance the whole body. It is not just the alignment of spine rather it is aligning the whole body i.e. the foot, ankle, hips, thorax, pelvis, knees, shoulders, head and ears, etc., right from the bottom to the top of the body. Rolfing Structural Integration is evidently helpful for correcting posture, enhancing the general well-being and also combat the else evils of gravity that depreciate the energy of the body. This is the opportunity to realign all the body parts perfectly with earth’s gravity in a manner to minimize the evil effect of gravitational force to the body. It will definitely eliminate or at least minimize the compression of the body and lead to an overall increase in body stature. The notable point is, Rolfing Structural Integration clearly influence the postural efficiency and restores the natural integrity of the body.

The Science behind Binaural Beats: Binaural Beats is a sound beat that arise out of the difference in the sound frequencies running in left and right ear. For example, if we run a sound at a frequency of 300 Hz in the left ear and run another sound beat at a frequency of 280 in the right ear; it will give rise to an another  sound beat of 20 Hz, this sound beat is called Binaural beats. Binaural beats are digitally created and can be effectively useful to attain a certain state-of-mind for personal or spiritual development. Binaural beats helps us to reach different mind state by reforming our brainwaves leading to have different experiences. That is the reason how and why music is changes our mood. The recent researches by neuroscience on Binaural beats has brought up the opportunity for humanity to take control of the brain by training the brain to create the brainwaves that we wish for. Clearly suggesting that human can control brain for the personal or spiritual developments such as mental clarity, mood elevation, increased memory, better health, faster learning, focused attention, tranquility, depression remedy, secrete growth hormones, and more.

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