A Comprehensive Guide on Causes of Heel Pain and its Treatment

by Isabel Blamey Professional writer
Due to walking and running for hours, it creates stress to the feet. With the increased pressure on the feet, it develops pain. It could be reduced by using home remedies such as applying ice. In case you won’t get a restful experience and feel continuous discomfort, you have to opt for professional heel pain treatment procedures. Let’s start with understanding the self-care treatments in the next section -

Home Remedies for Heel Pain

In most cases, applying ice up to four times a day helps in getting recovered from pain. If you find it uncomfortable to apply ice directly on the feet, you can wrap it using a towel. Thereafter, you need to apply ice for about 15 minutes every time. It will gradually reduce discomfort and pain.

Another popular option is using custom foot supports. It is also known as orthotics. You can make its purchase from over the counter stores. Some people also prefer buying splints to support the feet and prevent it from further damage. It is a necessary wear to distribute pressure on the foot. Though it works for most patients, you may need custom-made devices to get practical results.

Healthcare Treatment for Heel Pain

Some conditions such as sudden pain or redness in the heel or its swelling could limit your movement. If home remedies won’t provide you with ideal support, there is a need for specialized treatment. A podiatrist is a foot doctor with the knowledge of lower leg, foot and ankle issues. First of all, he/she diagnoses the condition to find out the cause and provide a practical solution for the treatment. It would be the ideal way of getting treated from heel pain and other foot problems.

Podiatrists could recommend steroid injections to get rid of inflammation. If the condition is too severe, there might be a need for immediate surgical procedures. It is thus advised to find an experienced and reliable foot doctor to ensure that you will get the ultimate treatment.

Common Causes of Heel Pain

Some common heel pain causes include -

Plantar Fasciitis

It occurs when people put too much pressure on their feet. It damages the fascia ligament that leads to severe pain.

Achilles Tendonitis

Due to overuse feet injuries, the tendon that reaches to the heel from calf muscles produces pain. People could also observe redness in the area.

Sprains and Strains

Excessive physical activities could result in lower leg injuries. It gradually leads to sprains and strains. It is a common problem for athletes and sportspersons.


Fluid-filled sacs could occur on the feet due to overuse of injuries. It gradually starts producing pain and makes patients uncomfortable.

Bottom Line

Heel pain not only provides a painful experience but also limits the movement. It may also affect your walking and running. It is important to act now and get proper heel pain treatment. Don’t let your injuries put an impact on your normal living. It is advised to meet a reputed podiatrist soon.

Author Bio:

The Author is a reputed podiatrist in Sydney. He has been serving patients for a decade now by providing the best possible heel pain treatment. He is also an active blogger. In his free time, he likes to share his thoughts on heel pain causes, needs for orthotics, how to keep your body healthy and lots more.

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