A Comprehensive Approach To Resolve All Significant TV Problems

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Just imagine, you have started your television and it stopped working somehow. What would you miss the most? Your favorite drama? Or the news channels? Or maybe the performance of your favorite team in today’s match?

Television plays an important role in various aspects of our life. From education to entertainment, TV keeps us informed about everything. 

From influencing the people to become the voice of the general public, TV has become a great force in building a great nation. So, one can easily understand the value of television in modern society.

So, whenever you face such an annoying situation, you immediately call a technician to fix the issue. But before calling a professional or going to a repair center, you can follow some tips and tricks to repair your TV in your home. 

In this article, we are going to give you a complete perspective to get rid of all the major TV problems. You can go through them and apply them as instructed.

In case, the problem still persists or you need any kind of TV Repair services, then contact our team of TV Repair Dubai. Our team is renowned for delivering quality services at cost-effective rates.

A Detailed List of Major TV Problems and Solutions to Overcome it:

In the 21st century, there are various types of TVs available in the Dubai market. Most of the households or offices or business areas like to use LCD/LED televisions. And it is certain that at a point in time, you would face any issues with your TV.

A TV always comes with a manual guide book where you would find the basic guidelines. So, before moving ahead, you should at once go through that to get a vivid idea of different parts and components of the TV.

The default settings on a TV does not always offer the best audio or picture quality. Hence, one needs to learn about the basic functions to set them properly and make your TV Repair on your own.
Blank TV Screen
This is one of the most common problems with LED TV in recent days. Although it could happen with any Televisions, whether it is flat TV or the classic one. Usually, the power supply unit inside the LED TV receives the current and sends it to the other components of the TV.

If somehow, the power supply unit develops issues due to a sudden increase in the current flow, the screen of the TV can blackout. You can unplug the television from the power supply and try again after properly plugging in all the wires. The problem should not occur for the 2nd time.
Horizontal Lines on TV Start-up
Because of low signal strength in the set-top-box, the TV shows horizontal lines on start-up. If you connect your new TV set with an old set-top-box which can not hold high signal strength, then this problem can persist. 

The modern TV sets require stronger input signals. Thus, switching over to a new set-top-box will rectify this problem.
Cropped or Stretched Picture
You may have faced situations like the pictures on your TV looked a little off. Or maybe the part of the picture is disappearing past the edge of the screen.

This is a common problem and can easily be fixed by a few changes in the settings. Sometimes, the Aspect ratio is Off on TV, forcing the picture to be cropped or stretched. 

To get this problem resolved, you should fix the picture size in the settings. In the picture size setting, you will find options like Zoom, Stretch, Wide, or 16:9. Just choose the right options to make it correct.
No Sound Output
If you encounter that your TV is not able to deliver sound, then try out this method. Firstly, disconnect the TV from the AC power outlet, then press and hold the Power button on the TV for at least 10 seconds.

After waiting for a minute, press the Power button once and connect external speakers to the TV. If the speakers work well, clearly the internal speakers have failed. It is most likely the audio IC has heated up and damaged. Just by replacing the audio IC can solve this problem.

If the problem still persists, then take help from the TV Repair Dubai professionals.
The Remote is Not Able to Turn on the Cable Box
You can turn on the TV from the remote but it is not able to turn on the cable or satellite box. There are some basic steps to get rid of this problem. 

Try turning off the box and unplug it for 15 seconds (at least). Now, turn it back again and look at whether this problem is fixed yet or not.
TV Settings are Messed Up
Somehow your TV settings are messed up unintentionally by you or maybe any child in your home gets hold of the remote. Now, you are far behind from the settings that you want. The only solution is factory reset.

Every TV manual book has the guidelines to reset the TV settings. Even if you have lost the book, you can find the instructions on the respective website of the TV company.
Still, the Problem is Continuing? Connect the Best TV Repair Professionals in Dubai

The TV is a very sensitive device and like other machines, it also faces problems. In the above discussion, we have described some major and common problems related to TV and come up with a specific solution for that particular problem.

Apart from these problems, there are certain problems with which you need to take assistance from the experts. In that case, come in contact with us. We deal with every type of TV-related problems and assure you the best TV Repair solutions in Dubai.

If you need any further assistance kindly call us at [042053349] or you can drop a mail at [] for any kind of query. We will be happy to come up with the best possible solutions for your TV. You can also visit our official page for more updates.

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