A Beginner’s Guide to Male Sex Toys

by Jiiang Lui professional writer

Men’s sex toys are witnessing a worldwide increase in demand after the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re planning to get one, this topic will guide you in picking the best product.


It’s true! Men don’t need much to make them feel aroused. It takes even less to make them reach an orgasm. As soon as puberty hits, almost every boy across the world learns the simple trick of engorging what’s between their legs by yanking it ferociously until that mystifying solution oozes out. It often leaves their pillows, pants, and socks soaked and sticky. Understandably, the overall concept of using pleasure toys is unknown to most men. To them, the entire world is one big toy, metaphysically, of course! As long as they can shove their dicks into something, they will recognize it as a pleasure toy. Some of them even have such intricate DIY techniques up their sleeve that they can fashion homemade devices with relative ease. While these items can take you where you want to go, the journey isn’t going to be enjoyable. So, what can help you make the trip memorable?


  • Masturbating devices: Unlike a Male Sex Machine, these are relatively smaller and follow the same old hands-on approach. Nevertheless, these masturbating aids can you a ride of a lifetime. They appear cylindrical and long with a base designed like a vagina, anus, or mouth. You just have to shove your pecker inside and go to town! These devices are nothing less than artifacts for the sexually adventurous folks with designs resembling that of something created during the 1990s. As long as the fact that a disembodied vagina, anus, or mouth doesn’t make you sick, you can use them. Some products even have vibratory systems installed inside – perfect for playing while keeping your hands free.


  • Cock rings: These toys gained popularity through porn films, just like the Male Sex Machine. Most male porn stars used to put them on their shafts during the show. Manufacturers use various materials to create them, such as metal or expandable plastic. You have to put one on the base of your penis, like a ring. A few products even have extra attachments for the testicles and vibrators. The ultimate purpose of this pleasure tool is to constrict the flow of blood to the penis to keep it hard for extended periods. As most of them come with vibrating systems, everyone involved enjoys the session.


  • Sex dolls: Most folks think that these are a staple for the “creepiest loner in the block,” or at least that’s how films and literature describe their users. In reality, though, sex dolls have been the best companies men can wish for. Every manufacturer from every part of the world has a unique version of a sex doll to offer. The apprehension towards these pleasure toys mainly arises from the fact that the cheaper ones look, well, cheap! Japanese folks compare inexpensive products to the “Dutch Wife,” a makeshift sex doll crafted by sailors to satisfy their carnal pleasures out in the ocean. After all, they had to spend months out there. Fortunately, with technological advancements, they are now much more realistic.


  • Vacuum cups: You’ll come across loads of penis enlargement ads on unscrupulous websites. These dealers probably sell vacuum cups, also called penis pumps. While it doesn’t mean they don’t work, the source does matter. Hundreds and thousands of men wish to grow the size of the penis. That’s why they search the internet to gather information about the long-term benefits of using vacuum cups. These devices create a vacuum within a cylindrical chamber, and it forces more blood into your penis. In the end, you get a much thicker boner. These products can be manually operable or automated.


Final words


Apart from the ones mentioned above, there’s another toy you can try – the prostate massager. You may argue that shoving something inside your butthole deems you gay, but it’s not. In reality, the prostate massager has the power to hit the male G-spot hiding somewhere inside your bunghole. If you know someone who uses prostate massagers, you should talk to him. He can tell you about how glorious orgasms he enjoys whenever he plugs his butt.


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