A Beautiful White Rose Garden Proper Care And Maintenance

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A white rose garden is a beautiful sigh to behold, especially in the silvery glow of the moonlight. Whether you are an old hat at rose gardening, or a complete beginner, there is no doubt that your white rose garden deserves the very best care and proper showcasing. Out team of horticulture experts has come together to offer you the best advice on planting, properly maintaining, and exquisitely displaying your white rose garden so that it can be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Proper Planting Procedure

When you first purchase the bushes for your white rose garden, you should remove any packing material around the root, and allow the roots to soak overnight in a bucket of water. After these have soaked, you need to make certain that the hole you have dug is large enough for your rose bush to spread out her roots. Your soil should already be rich with nutrients from compost, or other organic material, as nitrogen is a must have for beautiful blooms.

Create a small cone of soil in the center of your hole, place the bush on top of this cone, and spread her roots out around it. Once your rose bush is properly seated, add a mixture of half water, and half soil. This allows for any air trapped in the soil to escape. The final step for planting your white rose bushes, it to finish filling the hole with soil, and water the bush once again. Rose bushes should be watered at the roots only, as this helps to prevent disease.

Care And Maintenance

Your white rose garden will require regular maintenance, now that it has been properly planted. You should water your roses no more than twice a week, with only an inch of water each time. If you live in a very dry, very hot climate, this of course will not be sufficient. It is also important to give your white rose garden the proper amount of food. You should never use any plant or flower food that is not specifically labeled for roses. Roses require a nitrogen rich food base. You should also be aware of the iron content in the fertilizer you use. Roses need a rich supply of iron; otherwise, the leaves may become yellow and sickly looking.

Showing Off Your White Rose Garden

Of course, only you can decide how your white rose garden looks best. We choose to surround our white rose garden with a low lying hedge of boxwood shrubs. These beautiful, dark green shrubs create a beautiful border; and their dark, waxy leaves provide the perfect contrast to our white roses.

A white rose garden is a thing of beauty when properly cared for and showcased. Careful attention to your roses health, will allow you to enjoy your white rose garden for many generations top come.

Plastic is another popular material, but it does not hold up as well under the suns UV rays.

Purple Early Summer

Also, to get a good wild flower garden you should mix the seeds along with good grade builders sand and a ratio of one is to four should do admirably well.

For more details you should check the instructions given on your packet of seeds. Now, something you are probably wondering is where the best place to purchase outdoor flower garden furniture is. This is created by painting landscaping bricks with a white, outdoor paint before placing them around the edge of your garden.

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