8 Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Must Be Aware Of

by Window to the Womb Milton Keynes Baby Scn Clinic Milton Keynes

There are so many other weird symptoms that suggest that a woman is pregnant expect experiencing vomiting, nausea, dizziness, and missing the next menstrual cycle. Therefore, in this article, the experts of Window to the Womb, a reputed early pregnancy scan clinic in Milton Keynes will discuss some of the possible weird signs, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

8 weird and not-so-usual early pregnancy signs:

1.   Strange taste in mouth- Studies have shown that a lot of women in their early pregnancy have experienced a metallic taste in their mouth with a lot of unusual amounts of saliva. Experts believe that this mainly happens due to the huge and sudden hormonal change in a woman’s body during her pregnancy, and this condition is often addressed as dysgeusia in medical terms.

2.   Different cravings and aversions- During the early pregnancy, more or less every woman experiences a changing relationship with foods. Such as foods that a woman used to love before her pregnancy, suddenly might appear to be repulsive. And, contrarily, a pregnant woman may often crave food that she never liked before. These weird cravings for food might be an early sign of pregnancy.

3.   Constipation- Another unusual pregnancy sign is constipation. Because of the sudden hormonal changes and more specifically the elevated progesterone level in a woman’s body during pregnancy, a woman may find it harder to pass stool.

4.   Acne- A lot of pregnant women have faced the issue of having acne on their faces in early pregnancy. It is another early pregnancy sign that can be managed by:

·      Washing face with the help of mild face wash or cleanser and lukewarm water.

·      Switching to oil-free cosmetics.

·      Seeing a professional for ensuring which products are safe to use to get rid of this problem during pregnancy.

5.   Strong sense of smell- A sudden heightened sense of smell is also often addressed as a sign of early pregnancy. As a result, women facing this symptom during their first trimester of pregnancy reduce their tolerance for certain smells and it often leads a woman to vomit and nausea.

6.   Shortness of breathing- The increased level of reproductive hormones, especially the level of progesterone can cause shortness of breathing. In this situation, a woman feels unable to get enough air into her lungs.

7.   Severe headache- Again, of the sudden hormonal change in a woman’s body, a would-be mommy may go through an acute headache, especially in the initial few days. Doctors often call it ‘tension headache’.

8.   Mood swings- Though it is not an uncommon pregnancy symptom, women often ignore this sign in the early days. Mood swing mainly hits a pregnant woman during the first few weeks of the pregnancy.

Remember that, all these weird pregnancy signs stated above cannot be experienced by every woman. Therefore, when in doubt, consult your healthcare provider or visit the best early pregnancy scan clinic in Milton Keynes to get an accurate test report on your pregnancy

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