8 Digital Marketing Trends you Can't Ignore In 2022

by Donald Bolt Digital Marketing Expert
The new year offers companies the chance to experiment and implement recent trends in their strategies for marketing on the internet. There are numerous ways to refresh your marketing plan and stay ahead of trends expected to become increasingly popular.
It's crucial to keep an eye on the future when you are implementing strategies; however, you must remain pragmatic and aware that the new trends in digital marketing agency Toronto can improve the results you want for your business today. Follow the tips below to learn more about these trends.

1. Marketing via video
The production of video has gained a significant amount of attention in the last several years, mainly due to the growing popularity of TikTok. The process of streaming video has become more straightforward than ever before; this is the reason it's crucial to consider this trend as a priority in your digital marketing strategy.

Making videos doesn't need to be complicated or complex - simple, efficient videos can be recorded and created with just your phone and knowledge of video production. Particularly in the current "mobile-first" strategy gaining momentum, it is essential to adjust your marketing strategy to stay ahead of these changes.

2. Stories from social media
Social media stories are included in various social networks and have been the most popular way to communicate snippets of data from the time Snapchat was the first to introduce the idea. They're distinct from traditional posts on social media because they're only accessible to users to view and interact with for 24 hours before they go away.
Stories are the ideal digital marketing strategy to get to for 2022. They don't overflow people's feeds with news and can be a powerful way to boost customer relations.

A few ideas for stories on social media are:

  • Get consumer information by using story polls
  • Include live video
  • Enhance engagement through account questions
  • Connect with local consumers through geofilters, location tags, and geofilters.

Stories are a fantastic way to establish authentic connections with customers, so be sure you join with the many other companies using stories in their advertising strategies.

3. Voice search
We've all verbally requested Alexa or Siri to find something rather than manually entering it into the search engine.

Voice-search optimization has become a prevalent method for people to look up information and find specific information about companies and their products. Virtual assistants may eventually start posting sponsored content with particular answers. Voice-activated advertisements aren't far away either.

With this type of convenience in mind, you should consider using voice search optimization as part of your marketing strategy to stay ahead of this rapidly growing trend.

4. Environmentally-conscious marketing
More and more consumers-specifically, millennials-have indicated that they would pay more money for sustainably produced products. Sustainability is now of increasing importance to today's consumers and offers a unique chance for companies looking to adapt to the latest trends in social media.
Incorporating environmentally friendly initiatives within your business strategies will give your company an edge over similar firms and help you win popularity with younger customers.

Methods to include sustainability into your marketing plan include:

  • Incorporate environmental practices into your company's business practices and culture
  • Your company can show its sustainability commitment through stories shared on social media
  • Show your company's commitment to environmental issues.

5. Cryptocurrency and NFTs
2022 has seen an increase in the popularity of digital currencies such as crypto and tokens that are not fungible (NFTs). Although it may not seem like it will have a place in your marketing plan at first glance, don't discount the possibility right now. The cryptocurrency market hasn't experienced massive growth in mainstream organizations just yet, but it's something that marketers must pay at as a possible trend toward the decentralization of finance.

Businesses could benefit from using cryptocurrency to attract an entirely new set of customers if the target audience for the brand is the right one. The trend of embracing cryptocurrency is a wise choice, especially since social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have introduced NFT and cryptocurrency payment options. Display tools.

Think about ways to successfully market your business beyond your company's services and products to integrate NFTs and cryptocurrency.

6. Marketing through conversation
Studies show that today's consumers expect faster answers to their queries, expecting an instant response from companies. Consumers aren't happy to wait for several days or perhaps hours to receive a response from a company, even when their query is addressed at a different time during the week. If they don't get an answer within a few minutes, it is possible for a new business to another place.

Conversation marketing is a great instrument to aid customers when they require help, eliminate any doubt, and promote a dialog-based approach to communication that promotes involvement. It is a tool that can be utilized across a myriad of channels, which means fulfilling the needs of each client is now more straightforward than ever before. It can be used to create chatbots, virtual sales assistants, and customized email messages.

7. Creator Collaborations
The young and innovative are using creative avenues to earn money. Here's where you can come to build friendships that benefit both local creatives.
Independent creators have also had the experience of building personal relationships with customers and are likely to have their social media accounts already.
Working with these creators will expose your company to an entirely new group of consumers. So please look at this emerging trend while it's still in the early stages and continuing to develop.

8. Marketing through interactive channels
Engaging with your customers at a personal, intimate level does not have to be an overwhelming task. Interactive content is taking over social media and is expected to remain the dominant social feed by 2022.
Keep up-to-date with the latest innovative digital marketing strategies and connect with your customers through this rapidly growing trend.

  • Polls, questionnaires, quizzes
  • Interactive calculators
  • Virtual reality 360-degree

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