8 Best Space Utilization Tips to Make Your Home Look Bigger

by Kavya Sethi Interior Designer

The concept of homes with mega veranda, large bedrooms, and enormous hall with wide walkways are long gone. With the storm of urban culture, the size of contemporary Indian homes has been reduced over the years. On the contrary, it is essential to have sufficient space to live a comfortable life. People are, therefore, continuously thinking about how to utilize their space to its max.

That’s why we’ve thought of bringing in some excellent space utilization tips that can help you out!  Let’s begin.

1.   Incorporate foldable furniture:

You cannot live without some essential furniture like a bed, dining table, sofa, study table, etc. But when all these items are in a fixed place, there is no empty space left. Therefore, smart homeowners are now adopting decor tips for space utilization with foldable furniture that can be used when needed, or just fold it up to enjoy the free space. Collapsible tables, folding chairs, and Murphy beds are some clever options for the same. Instead of having a fixed work or study table, it is always a great idea to use folding wall-mounted tops beside your window. Open the top while working, or else fold it. You can also try to get help from anyone of the residential interior designers in Delhi or your nearby city for creating customized convertible furniture that can create wonders for your home.

2.   Utilize the depth of the walls:

Protruded wall shelves often reduce space, especially in small homes. Rather, you can use the depth of the wall and create a niche inside to make space and keep items to showcase your taste. It gives you the similar look with a more spacious feeling inside your home.

3.   Increase smart storage space:

Any idea that generates more storage space always helps as the number of household items increases over time. Therefore, it is great to use every possible portion, like the under-bed area, behind the sofa set, the lower part of room dividers, the walls of the washing area, etc. Give a close look at your home, and you can surely find several portions for storage space creation. Try using these spaces without adding a bulky look.

4.   Go vertical:

The small size of your home might restrict you from enjoying extra space. Use the height of the ceiling so that you get more room to store items and increase the free floor space. Build wardrobes to ceiling heights, plan bunk beds in the kids’ room, create kitchen cabinets to the top and keep your floor space empty. If you are fortunate with a high ceiling, use it smartly by creating an overhead loft in the walkway. This can give you a good amount of storage space without disturbing the elegance of the home.

5.   Adopt make-shift arrangements:

In today’s flexible culture, it is essential that your home also articulates the theme for better space utilization. Instead of using fixed furniture and arrangements, if you use materials that can be changed according to the requirements, it can make a difference. Want to watch a football match with friends? Convert your bed into a sofa, move the tables to the corners and enjoy the game.

6.   Workarounds for Awkward Corners:

It is difficult to find a home without any awkward corners. Neither can you place any proper furniture there, nor keep any art-craft. Be creative there and use a customized cabinet for storage or install a specially designed upholstered bench. Apart from managing the area, these space utilization tips can fill up the gap in that room.

7.   Drawers under the staircase:

Generally, the space below the staircase is not utilized properly. We often use it to dump unused items, or there’s a block of a wall there. Use this space intelligently by creating drawers there. It not only increases your storage space but also elevates the aesthetics of your home.

8.   Closets with sliding doors:

Closets are a must for any home. But avoid the conventional open-door closets. These kinds of doors need some extra empty space in front of it to open properly. Rather, you can opt for sliding door closets which are a great space saver. Add some great wallpaper for the home interiors on the doors to amplify the beauty of your room. Additionally, you can use wardrobe space utilization tips to make it more usable.

Our home is our paradise. It must look neat and spacious and should also serve the purpose of efficient living. When you return home after a hectic work schedule, a neat and maintained home gives you positive energy to enjoy with your family. Try the above-mentioned space utilization tips to make your small home a space to relax and enjoy.

Some of the best home interior designers in Delhi are experts in this niche and can provide consultation to give a complete makeover to your home into a sweet home. It is your time to enjoy spacious living; give a call and witness a completely new and roomy home.