7 Tools That The Wreckers Use To Remove Your Car Parts

by Ravi Kalidindi Australia's Online Author

Wreckers are saving this earth with their relentless efforts to recycle. Recycling is the only future of this planet. Researcher says that junk cars increase the carbon footprints every year by 65%. If the process continues for ten more years, this planet will be filled with junk materials. People won't have places to live and a haphazard situation will take place by a frequent clog of rainwater. 

To save this planet from such dangerous possibilities, recycling is the only option. Companies that offer instant cash for cars in Footscray are the talk of the town. Recycling no long benefits this planet only, it's beneficial to you as well. A car that's no longer usable can bring you a handsome amount. Isn't that great? 

So, don't wait for your car to wear out more. Contact a wrecker when you think of abandoning your vehicle. They'll come, disassemble your car and take it to the junkyard.

Do you want to know what accessories they use? Check here.

A Set Of Screwdrivers

There are a set of screwdrivers available to disassemble your car. They are the ultimate friends of the wreckers. A wrecker without this set loses its identity. Multiple industries manufacture this set of screwdrivers. Many engine parts are supported by screws and bolts. If the part you need is secured by screws, you can remove it with this set. No matter what the car's model is. If you want to remove it, this set of screwdrivers is all you need.

A Set Of Ratchet Wrenches

A ratchet wrench set is a vital tool to have when you go to a salvage yard. Ratchet wrenches are better than traditional wrenches because the wreckers who offer fast buy cash for cars in Hoppers Crossing can help remove those bolts in very tight spaces. They also give you more grip in unscrewing bolts. The wreckers don't bring other wrenches when they own this set.

A Rubber Mallet

The wreckers use a rubber mallet or a medium-sized hammer to break the tough bonds that keep some parts in place. These bonds may be caused by compressed engine fluids and grime.


The wreckers bring channel lock pliers, regular pliers, lock pliers, type-side cutters, and needle-nose pliers to remove the car parts that you need. Locking pliers are especially useful in holding difficult nuts and bolts.

A Robust Wire Or C-clamp

Long parts can warp if they're let hang loosely as the car wreckers in Sunshine West remove their screws and bolts. A sturdy wire or C-clamps are useful in keeping those long parts in place as you remove the screws and bolts that secure them under the hood.


Wreckers bring jumper cables and a 12-volt battery. It helps them test different electrical parts such as power seat motors, power door locks, and radios. A battery helps open car doors and trunks without using keys.

An Engine Pulling A-frame

This tool helps Wrecker remove an entire engine easily and safely. Some salvage yards provide this, but the experts operate it on their own.

These are the most common tools used by the wreckers. Besides enjoying the great benefits of your old car, you can buy car wreckers parts near Deer Park. When you're knowledgeable enough about the tools, you can understand whether the wrecking process is done properly.

Author's Bio: The author researches the car wreckers in Sunshine West and writes engaging blogs about car wreckers parts near Deer Park.

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