7 reasons React Native is the right choice for cross platform app development

by Shardul Bhatt CEO, BoTree Technologies

Today, 95% of mobile users are divided between iOS and Android. It has become crucial for every business to target customers on both these platforms. Due to this, there has been a steady rise in cross platform app development using React Native - the go-to framework for native apps on both operating systems. React Native developers are in high demand because of their rarity and the skills they provide. 

React Native development is becoming highly-popular for mobile applications.  It is a feature-rich framework that works with the React JS library. It helps in balancing the development lifecycle, all the while maintaining the native user experience. 

React Native applications have grown at a much faster rate than others, including Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, and more. Because they provide a native feel for both platforms, developers don’t have to switch to another platform for making apps. 

7 reasons React Native development is the right choice

There are multiple benefits of cross platform app development using React Native. More and more companies are moving towards the technology as it can help them save time, money, and resources in app development.

Here are 7 reasons to hire React Native development services for your next mobile app - 

  1. Single codebase
    The biggest benefit of React Native applications is that they use a single codebase. Developers don’t have to write separate code for both the platforms. React Native framework provides powerful syntax and uses the React JS library for developing applications on both the platforms.

  2. Faster development
    Since React Native developers have to write a single codebase, they can build mobile apps much faster than native frameworks. Developing iOS and Android apps separately take a lot of time, which, if lost, can keep you away from gaining a competitive advantage. React Native platform is excellent for rapid mobile application development.

  3. Affordable applications
    Hiring developers to build iOS and Android apps separately is a costly affair. React Native is an open-source framework that requires React Native developers who can work on both platforms. It reduces the cost of development and doesn’t put a hole in your budget for getting a mobile business application.

  4. Native look and feel
    React Native offers a native look and feel on both the platforms. It interacts efficiently with the components on Android and iOS to provide a seamless user experience. App stores also prefer native applications, but since they cost heavily, businesses could target only one store. With cross platform app development frameworks like React Native, you can target both.

  5. Small team
    You don’t need 20 developers to work on React Native applications. You can build a feature-rich and high-functional app with a team of fewer than 6 developers. Since it is such a holistic framework for development, you can complete a project with knowledge of Javascript and React JS library.

  6. Enhanced UI/UX
    Since React Native development works with Javascript libraries, it offers a rich user-interface. The user experience has to be seamless, whichever platform it is. React Native development services are now a part of every company’s portfolio that wants to deliver an enhanced experience to its customers.

  7. Easy maintenance
    The process of maintaining and updating an app with React Native is quite simple. Developers don’t need to hustle a lot while releasing new updates. App stores also invite applications based on React Native that can release quick updates without any hassle.

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Hire React Native developers for cross platform applications

You now need cross platform applications for targeting customers on both platforms. They require a React Native app development company that can understand how quickly you want mobile applications. If you want a competitive advantage, reach more customers, and provide a seamless user experience, the React Native platform is the best.

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