7 Interesting Papad Variants That You Shouldn't Miss

by Neal David Writer

An incessant love connection is present between the Indians and papads. Appalams, poppadum, happalas or papads - you can call it in any name you like, but they are the customary companion with the everyday meals across every corner of the country.

Gone are those days when papads were solely a home-made affair, where women of an entire colony like a ritual would meet up and engage themselves with the peeling, slicing and drying those crispy delights under the sun. Papads are basically two-three ingredients snack item and are quite healthy. Here are 7 exotic papad varieties that are prepared by food manufacturers these days and are readily available in stores. These are surely going to give you some opportunities to experience interesting Indian flavors and spices.

#1 Aloo Papad - A papad of the simplest kind! Prepared from boiled potatoes and salt, it is a great substitute for spicy, oily and unhealthy potato chips. These circular flat discs are mostly eaten in Delhi, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

#2 Shakuli - Shakuli is a hill special papad and a great dish accompaniment with the Himachal Thali meal. It is made from refined flour which gives the papads a very thin and light texture. The crunchiness and fine taste of a Shakuli will leave you asking for more.

#3 Kali Mirch Papad - Lovers of hot, spicy and pungent flavors would completely fall for this crunchy delight. The overpowering strong flavors of black pepper and interesting toppings of onion, tomatoes, and chili on these papads make an exceptional snack to binge on in evenings.

#6 Sabudana Papad - Mainly used on auspicious festivals like Navratri and Rathyatras, Sabudana papad is made from white Sabu balls and makes the crispiest snack ever. It's white color and delectable taste makes it an exceptional treat.

#5 Hing Papad - It's a distinct flavor of papad popular in the western part of the country, India. People simply have it with dal, rice and vegetable curries in their lunch to conclude the meal.

#6 Bajra Papad - This one is a well-liked snack delight of the Gujarat people. Made with bajra and salt, this papad is enriched with nutrients.

#7 Garlic Papad- This is basically dal papads punched with hot garlic flavor to give it an extraordinary taste. These garlic papads have won the hearts of many and they make a popular evening snack for the people across Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat.

These seven unique varieties of papads are famous for multiple reasons. First of all, these are wafer-like snacks that have the power to transform any boring platter into an interesting one. Secondly, as per your preferences, you can decide whether you want spice or un-spiced papad. And the third one and also the most important one, unlike other snacks alternatives, papads include all the goodness of healthy food substances and organic spices, and hence make the safest food to gorge on any time of the day. Especially when you have one or more kids at home, nagging you for some tasty and tummy-satisfying bite all the time, papads are your ultimate solution.

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