6 Top Web Development Trends in 2020

by Sayyed Noman Ali Digital Marketing Manager

The world of information technologies is changing rapidly. Every day we see new web development trends. They provide businesses with many opportunities to attract more visitors and overcome market rivals.

In this article, we want to share the top 6 web development trends of 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bots

Virtual assistants and bots can perform various cognitive functions. These are learning, collecting data, or solving difficult issues. This year is noted for the growing demand for AI-enabled communication.

You have definitely heard about Siri created by Apple or Cortana from Microsoft. Perhaps you even use them in your daily life. Such assistants help businesses engage with the customers and upgrade human interaction.

According to the Statista report, the approximate number of people using AI assistants will be more than 1.8 bln users in 2021.

2. Single Page Applications

A single-page application (SPA) is a JavaScript-based web app. With the help of technology, users feel like they browse a single page for all their demands. The most famous examples of SPAs are Gmail, Google Drive, and Twitter.

Let’s take a look at the key advantages of SPA:

  • Simplified and streamlined development;
  • Enhanced performance;
  • Decreased number of interference related to page reloading.

Single Page Applications are a great way to build a responsive web solution with the support of mobile, tablet & desktop apps. The most recent developments on the SPA are designed using React and Angular frameworks.

3. Mobile-friendly website

Statista states that the number of mobile users will be more than 3.8 billion in 2021.

For this reason, the current web development trends for mobile-friendly websites also tend to grow. It enables entrepreneurs to engage the larger number of mobile users and grow their conversion rates.

4. Blockchain Technology

In common terms, Blockchain offers a two-sided transaction mechanism. It means that each operation is verified by a decentralized distributed network. It allows you to know what data is verified.

Blockchain is one of the most fast-growing web development trends, and it provides the benefits:

  • Reduce financial business costs;
  • Decrease the quantity of transaction contract;
  • Improve the cash flow offered by transparent records/data.

Considering web development, Blockchain gives such benefits as:

  • Smart prediction system;
  • High web pages interactivity;
  • High data security;
  • Safe transactions.

5. Progressive Web Applications

When we talk about the top web development trends, we should not but mention a PWA. It is an application that functions as a web solution with a common native mobile app experience.

The Business Insider predicts that world monthly mobile data traffic will grow by 700% in 2021. This indicates that people will begin using their mobile facilities more to meet their specific demands. So, here comes the Progressive Web App trend that offers an app-like experience solution that is simpler to install and launch.

The clear benefits of implementing this technology for businesses are as follows:

  • Higher conversion rate;
  • Increased security;
  • Improved engagement;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Improved search ranking;
  • Smooth performance on unstable networks.

Flipkart, online marketplace, turned its website into a Progressive Web Application to offer customers a smooth app-like experience.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet has a huge impact on our modern world and most spheres of life. Wikipedia states that more than 80 out of 100 people use the Internet every day. Considering the business aspect, most companies turned their operations into the digital world.

All these factors build new web development trends and start an industry called the Internet of Things (IoT). What does it mean? Actually, it means taking all the things in the world and connecting them to the Internet. Why is it important? The matter is that IoT-connected devices create constant data transferring. It allows companies to offer their services and users to see them and engage as fast as possible.

If you want to make sure that IoT is one of the most rapidly growing web development trends, take a look at the chart by Statista. It shows that IoT-connected devices will reach nearly 75 Billion by 2025.

The key benefits of the Internet of Things are as follows:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Support and security


We have shared the top 6 web development trends in 2020. Follow them to stay competitive in the market and grow your engagement.

In case you are looking for a custom Web development house to help you implement these trends, our team will be happy to bring it to reality.

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