6 Reasons to Use Custom Filters in Your Instagram Branding Strategy

by Dilshad Alam Sr Digital Marketing Executive

As the second most downloaded app in the world and with millions of people using the app daily, Instagram should be part of your business’s arsenal of marketing and branding tools.

Using Instagram, or IG, for your business allows you to put a face to your brand, drive traffic to your website, tell fascinating stories, expand your reach and engage with your target audience. These benefits can help you increase lead generation and, ultimately, your sales and profits.

But to maximise the marketing and branding potential of Instagram, you should do more than just go through the usual process of taking a photo, uploading and posting it on your account.

You need to use a few tools, including custom Instagram filters, to leverage this social media platform for your business.

Why Use Custom Instagram Filters for Branding

Instagram filters are overlays and colour effects you can add to your photos and videos to make them more eye-catching and visually stunning.

These tools let you enhance your photo narrative and spice things up for your brand without too much effort.

Instagram has its own set of built-in filters you can use to enhance your photos and videos. However, you don’t have to limit your creativity to these options alone.

Custom filters help your brand stand out on Instagram by accurately depicting your company’s style, flair and tone of voice.

This customised tool can be handy when you have a fun brand or want people to know more about your business's playful, less serious side.

Custom filters can take your Instagram branding strategy to the next level in the following ways: 

1. Increase awareness of your brand’s unique personality.

The most significant benefit you can gain from investing in custom IG filters is you can let more people know about your brand and personality that sets you apart from your competition.

Using custom AR filters, you can show your brand personality on Instagram. Your posts are more likely to resonate with your followers and other users when they can see the face or hear the voice behind your company and offerings.

With great filters, you can get more likes and followers since plenty of people will use them.

And this can lead to more people knowing about your brand.

If your filters are unique, they might go viral, which can lead to millions of people using them and sharing them worldwide.

2. Make content more engaging.

Custom IG filters let you create and post creative and unique content that can grab the attention of users.

Custom filters allow you to add your brand logo or mascot to existing ones. This already lets you add your personal touch to your posts.

However, you can create more personalised, fun content that can resonate with Instagram users when you have specialised AR filters.

When you work with a branding agency in Dubai specialising in AR filter creation, you can have more choices for your customised tool. These can include allowing the user to change the colour of their background, imposing 2D or 3D objects on their face or around their head, implementing 3D objects in the scenery and trying on products.

These filters can help you come up with innovative posts that stand out to extend your audience reach and encourage Instagram users to engage with you.

3. Boost engagement with your audience.

IG filters are interactive by nature, enabling you to pull your followers and consumers closer to you.

Because of this, they are excellent tools that can help you connect with users. This, in turn, can help you build a community for your brand.

Moreover, when your filters resonate with your audience, they will engage with you.

This can take you a step closer to promoting your products or services and closing sales.

4. Give your followers an interactive shopping experience.

Many well-known retail brands use AR filters to provide consumers with a convenient, easy and fun shopping experience.

This includes Sephora, the well-known personal care and cosmetic brand. The company lets users try their different products in various shades virtually through their app.

If you own a fashion or cosmetic store, you can have filters designed to implement a certain makeup look or 3D object, including dresses, hats, glasses and other accessories. These features make it easy for users to try your products on Instagram without the hassles of putting them on and removing them physically.

To maximise your IG custom filters, put a link on your products on your website that directs the user to Instagram so they can try them virtually.

When users are happy with your filters, they will share their stories on Instagram and other social media sites, raising more awareness for your brand.

5. Optimise your sales funnel with lower outlay.

Since your IG filters can expand your reach, you can introduce your products or services to a broader audience.

Your audience can be converted to buyers, thereby expanding your sales funnel and contributing to its success. 

Moreover, since IG filters make it easy for people to try your products, you can further improve your sales funnel conversion.

This benefit comes at a low investment and with less financial risk. AR filters are usually simpler projects, particularly when compared to other AR experiences. Because of this, you don’t have to break the bank to have them created.

Additionally, AR filters rely on users sharing them for publicity. This means you don’t have to spend a lot on ads to promote them. 

6. Build brand loyalty.

The most successful, popular AR filters leave a lasting impression on the users. People who use them will know more about your company and make them curious about your products or services, enabling you to get new paying customers.

When your customers are satisfied with your products or services, they are likely to do business with you again.

Additionally, you have control over the information you want your IG AR filters to share with the users. These messages can be about your product or services, promos, events or your company’s mission and vision.

When you can make your filters and messages work together in ways that fascinate and resonate with Instagram users, you provide people with better experiences, allowing them to understand your brand.

These effects can help you build trust, which can lead to a long-term relationship with your customers and increase their loyalty to your brand.

With these benefits in mind, Instagram filters are one of the best branding and marketing tools you can invest in today.

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