5 Ways in which Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning will Impact Your Career in 2020

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Sophisticated computer technology is forming the base of our life. Fancy terms like AI, machine learning, and neural networks are no more a word associated with some out of the world technology; instead, you can find its implementation in our everyday life. Whether it's your phone working as per your instruction or machines performing tasks as per the data fed in it, all this is a result of Artificial Intelligence. In the times to come, there is going to be a higher demand for AI skills, and in fact, it has gone up by 119% in the past three years. It is thus becoming one of the lucrative career options. Becoming AI exert requires artificial Intelligence certification. The AI market is expected to reach US $ 22.6 billion by the end of this year.  

It brings us to another important question, what is promoting this rapid growth of AI. Well, increasing the adoption of cloud-based applications and IoT has played a vital role in the rise in AI. Besides, now companies are investing in 5G technology, and growing demand for VAs are also promoting the growth in adoption of AI. All this brings us to the conclusion that Artificial Intelligence is going to be a lucrative career option, and going for artificial intelligence certification is the right move that you can make.

Top 5 Careers in Artificial Intelligence

After completing your certification in artificial intelligence, you will gain expertise in different skills that are going to help you grow in the professional world. High income is guaranteed after completing certification in artificial intelligence, and here are some of the probable career options for you after machine learning certification and artificial intelligence certification:

  • Machine Learning Engineer: median salary of $114,856
  • Data Scientist: median salary of $120,93
  • Business Intelligence Developer: median wage of $92,278 
  • Research Scientist: median salary of $99,809
  • Big Data Engineer/Architect: median salary of $151,307

How AI transforming the career:

The objective of upskilling oneself is the need of the hour. With the growing competition and rising demand for skilled people, one needs to be proficient. Since AI and machine learning are going to be critical drivers of growth, it is also going to be a great career option. Here are some of the domains where AI is going to impact in the times to come, and there will be a need for skilled artificial intelligence expert :

  • Creation of Digital Workers
  • Creation of Human Augmentation
  • Work on Hyper-automation
  • Development of Autonomous things
  • Providing Multi Experience

  1. Creation of a digital worker- As per the research of IDC, we will see a marked growth in demand for digital workers like AI and software robots. This demand is going to be as high as 50% by 2022. Digital workers can be trained to perform different tasks, and it takes intricate programming and designing to make them work flawlessly. Here certification in artificial intelligence and machine learning certification will prove to be a beneficial skill and is going to give a competitive edge. 

  1. Creation of Human Augmentation- You would agree with the fact that human beings are the most dominant species, and with the help of technology, they can enhance their strength. Human augmentation is trying to achieve the same. Human augmentation aims to create a perfect blend of human and technology. Here AI experts and machine learning experts have a role to play. They can prepare programs and drive machines to assist humans in different activities. One such example is Elon Musk's company Neuralink, which is trying to connect the brain to AI to create a human-robot hybrid.

  2. Work on Hyper-automation- Robots are no more exclusive stuff; they are now becoming more generic when it comes to their application. In hyper-automation, the machine uses machine learning along with other automation tools to act more independently. In simple words, hyper-automation makes use of human intelligence and uses it to train the machines to perform tasks autonomously. With a certification in Machine Learning, you will get to know about robotics, programming, and designing that will help you explore your career in hyper-automation.

  3. Development of Autonomous things- Machines using AI to perform different tasks is not a new thing. However, the pace at which it is being done has increased. This autonomous performing of tasks has led to autonomous things, two examples that we can quote here are the self-driving cars and NASA's self-driving rovers. Although these things are currently working in a restricted environment, but with more and more growth in the field of artificial intelligence, you can soon expect it to become more popular in public. This growing demand for the creation of autonomous things has also led to the rise in the need for AI experts.

  4. Providing Multi Experience- Enhancing the virtual experience is something in which most of the centers are working. Nowadays, you can find companies creating applications that will help you analyze how a particular product would look like when placed at your place. This is a blend of virtual reality, augmented multi-sensory reality. The objective is to provide a more realistic experience. With more and more companies shifting towards this trend, there is going to need systems and AI experts who can help in creating such a VR experience. 

What's next?

With all these lucrative career options, you have the option of going for certification in artificial intelligence and machine learning certification that aim at providing proficiency in the concepts of AI and ML. Global Tech Council is going to be the right platform where you can boost your career in the field of AI and ML. This online certification program is going to give the right ignition to fuel your professional growth.

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