5 Valuable Live Poker Tips to Help You Win More Cash

by Aisha Sharma SEO executive

Movies have unnecessarily positioned poker as a high-risk and high stakes game when the truth is quite the opposite. In real life, there is a table with bets that can accommodate almost everyone. From seasoned players to people just starting their gambling journeys, there is a place for all.

People who have a background of playing poker online only will have to take the time to adjust to these new conditions, but if one does their research thoroughly and pick their tables in a local setting, there is a very high chance to win.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while approaching a live poker table -

  1. Choose Your Time

At what time do you want to gamble and if things are going your way will you be able to stay till late that night? Most people will tell you that night is the best time to play due to -

  • Recreational Players - It is more likely that newbies at poker would come in at night just to try their luck. Hence, one can take advantage of this fact and win big.

  • Alcohol - The best alcohol is in the glass that your opponent is holding. Not only does it dull the senses but also makes you inept of thinking straight.

  1. Seat

You must find a seat at a table that you are comfortable buying into. Usually, the casinos have a screen showing the waiting list and buying in price. Find a table that fits your bankroll and skill level becomes imperative. In most cases, the high stakes tables will be occupied by people who are very good at the game and have no problem losing that kind of money.

  1. Changing Seats

You must change your seat after a few hours or when your table starts getting cold. Switching seats is the only way to maximize your profit in a casino as new tables will bring in new players.

Changing seats also give you a break as poker is a skill-based game and a player often needs some time to rest after a rigorous game session. Find the new table like the first one you picked and make sure to switch when you start losing.

  1. Tipping

Being courteous and polite to the staff on the casino floor can go a very long way. This will always work out in your favour. Most of the workers make more in tips and only get minimum wage, which can be gruelling at night. Your compassion and tipping will be taken seriously, and regular players usually get a free drink or snack just because they tip well. For getting these on the house, favours make sure you have a good rapport with the staff at the casino.

  1. Live Room Etiquette

Read more about the proper do’s and don’ts of a casino, but these are the absolute essentials.

  • Tip Fairly

  • Stack Chips and be organized - A sloppy stack will only slow down the game

  • Don’t Comment Unnecessarily - Don’t be the guy that keeps talking and boring others with their stories, have a few hands dealt with you before you start socializing.

  • Don’t Blame the Dealer - This something that we see very often, the dealer shuffled the deck in front of you and gave the cards to everyone. In no way has he tampered with them with sleight of hand. Be respectful to him and the players around you.

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