5 Tips For Vaping Safely

by Moe Abu Online Shop for Vape Juice

During these uncertain times, vapers are questioning their safety with vaping. To help you with this dilemma we have five tips that can help you vape safely not just today but even in the future. We all know that the safest thing one can do is quit smoking and vaping altogether. However, since most people would not take that decision, we’ll have to be watchful about how we continue vaping during these times. Here are 5 tips that you can implement to have a safe vaping experience. Read on.

Go For More Nicotine Rather Than Vape Juice

The vaping trend has progressed quite a lot over the last few years. There are vape juices that come with minimal nicotine content. Although it is good in one aspect, it also causes vapers to consume more e-liquid to satiate their nicotine taste buds. This can be easily addressed by going with an e-liquid that has more nicotine and thereby reducing the overconsumption of vape juice.

Avoid Dry Burning The Coils

Dry burning the coil simply means pressing the fire key without having the wick inserted and having no e-liquid. People dry burn the coils to check whether the heat is spreading evenly or not. Doing this can cause the temperature to rise drastically, sometimes over 700 degrees celsius, and can damage the metal.

Stop Going After Vapor Clouds

To produce voluminous vapor clouds, you have to inhale a lot of vape juice. However, it has to be understood that inhaling a lot of products can be harmful in the long run. Now, if you have taken up vaping to quit smoking, it’s alright how you choose to vape because vapes are significantly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

Go For Unflavored Vapes


When it comes to flavored vape juices, it is important to understand that flavoring requires additives, and consuming these additives on a regular basis can actually cause more harm than good. Sometimes, it is also a healthy practice to go with unflavored vape juices. Or, you can completely opt-out of flavored e-liquids and take up unflavored vape juices.

Try Not To Inhale The Vapor

The reason why you should not be inhaling vapor is that nicotine present in the vapor is mostly absorbed in the inner lining of the cheeks. Therefore, it is not necessary for one to inhale vapors to absorb the most amount of nicotine. If you’re looking to minimize vaping risks, you can simply avoid inhaling vape and limit it to mouth vaping only.

Wrap Up

Even though vaping is not considered as harmful as cigarettes, it is always best to have some precautions and education on the subject. Nevertheless, it is also great to sometimes enjoy your vapes by trying out different flavors and mods. Since we are on the topic of flavors, why don’t you check out our latest lemon law vape juice online? For additional information, visit our website at or fill out the contact form

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