5 tips for a successful painting

by Jhon Harry Digital Marketing

Calling on a painting professional to repaint his walls is often the guarantee of a successful project and a guaranteed decoration effect. But to get exactly the effect you want on your walls, it is necessary to get involved. From the choice of the painting to the planning of the works, here are the 5 key points to know to obtain the painting of your dreams.

Painting: choosing the right product

Even when one goes through a professional, it is advisable to ask the right questions beforehand regarding the choice of the painting . The latter will be able to advise you according to your support, but for a decoration as personalized as possible you are interested in the type of painting that you wish to pose. You will have the choice between multiple solutions! The painting presents an offer more and more varied. Know how to differentiate oil painting (or glycerol) from paint to water is a good foundation. The installation of oil painting requires a more precise hand and gives off a stronger smell that will require to ventilate the room longer after installation (because of the stubborn smell but also the harmful solvents it can release Water-based paint will be easier to live with, but less resistant than oil paint in the long run.This is not the only offer: all decorative coatings, called painting by misnomer part of the decorative offer that you can apply by a pro.

Painting: the good finish

Outside the type of painting, a professional will offer a finish to choose: matte, shiny satin ... all these shades may be Chinese for those who do not know the universe of painting well. Yet the choice of finish is almost as important as that of color or type of paint. Remember: matt and satin finishes adapt well to irregular media but are not recommended in high-stress rooms such as children's rooms or kitchens because they can not be leached. Lacquered or glossy paints are ideal for enlarging spaces and can be easily maintained. On the other hand, it will not withstand uneven walls or irregularities. The finishes, brushed, troweled and waxed effect paints offer good decorative compromises for all surfaces.

Test the paint before starting work

You think you have found the painting style , color and finish of your dreams? Testing your painting before starting work is often advisable. Practical tip: more and more brands offer small test samples accessible from 3-4 euros euros to be sure that the paint will produce the desired effect or to test color combinations. You can perform these tests on a small piece of wall before bringing the professional to do the work. Show your tests to this specialist, he will advise you in function or offer you other ideas depending on the result.

Well prepared support

Since we mentioned the characteristics of the support, remember that it must be properly prepared to receive the painting. This preparation consists most often in leaching of the walls, refurbishing the support by rebutting and chewing irregularities and then passing a smoothing coating. You can do this before bringing in the professional house painters. However, if your support is very degraded or if it is necessary to deposit an old coating, it will be better to entrust this task to a professional.

Good site conditions

Remember that painting jobs must be planned at the right time. Painting does not like extremes. In too hot or cold weather, its performance and coverage are significantly reduced. Interseason during which the temperatures are average and during which it is possible to ventilate without suffering too much from the cold or the heat are ideal to remake his paintings. To avoid the overworked schedules of painters and decoration specialists, autumn is often more favorable than spring to painting work (provided it is not too wet). As soon as the good weather arrives, the period of great cleanings and desires for new decoration overloads the schedules of the specialists.

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