5 Steps Of IVF Procedure – Let’s Understand

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5 Steps Of IVF Procedure

In Vitro Fertilization is a medical process of uniting an egg and sperm in vitro, a laboratory dish. With infertility cases evolving, there are medical advancements to heal or manage them. If you’ve been dealing with infertility issues for years and are unable to conceive, consult your infertility specialist. 

Doctors upon diagnostic reports will determine the actual cause of infertility. In certain cases, the cause of infertility is unexplained/unknown, doctors call it unexplained infertility. You might make an appointment with the best infertility specialist in Siliguri. And, IVF is one of the most trusted infertility treatments. 

However, this assisted reproductive technology has nothing to do with treating/curing infertility in men and women. IVF is followed by five main steps and various additional steps, such as diagnosis, and medical care for a particular reason/concern. If you’ve decided to undergo the procedure, visit a reputed or trusted IVF or infertility clinic. 

Given below are the five procedures to undergo in IVF treatment.

Ovarian Stimulation

This is the very first procedure of IVF in which the lab-made hormone helps the ovaries stimulate or make eggs. You might receive a shot of follicle-stimulating hormone/FSH, and luteinizing hormone. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin helps eggs mature and release from the ovaries. The two important tests given during this period are blood tests and vaginal ultrasound. 

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Egg Retrieval

Egg retrieval in IVF refers to the extraction of eggs from one or both ovaries. Anesthesia is given through an IV so that the woman feels no prominent discomfort. General anesthesia, conscious sedation, and local anesthesia are generally given. A needle is inserted through the vagina under ultrasound monitoring leading to the ovary and follicles. Eggs are detached from the follicle wall and taken out of the ovaries and passed to the IVF lab. 

Sperm Retrieval

A semen sample is taken at the IVF clinic. If the male partner has issues with ejaculation, etc., then a procedure known as testicular aspiration is done to collect sperm directly from the testicles. Sperm is detached from semen in the lab. If not using a male partner’s sperm, then, one has to go for a donor’s. Reach out to the best fertility clinic in Siliguri for IVF procedures


For eggs to get fertilized by sperm, specialists follow two typical steps, namely conventional insemination and Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). In conventional insemination mature eggs and healthy sperm are united in vitro and kept in an incubator. If the male partner has issues with semen quality, or previous IVF didn’t bring success, a single healthy sperm is directly injected into the mature egg.

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Embryo Transfer

The final step is embryo transfer after embryo culture is done. Mild sedation is given in order to keep the woman from discomfort during the procedure. A long, fine, and flexible tube, medically termed a catheter, is inserted into the vagina through the cervix leading to the uterus guided by ultrasound. The syringe helps place one/more embryos into the uterus.
Common discomforts after the procedure include mild balloting, mild cramping, passing of small body fluid, constipation, breast tenderness, etc. Your doctor will inform you about such feelings. However, if you notice discomfort that is hard to bear, contact your doctor immediately. Connect with the best infertility doctor in Siliguri city. 

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