5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sex life

by Lina Jurga Certified Tantra Practitioner

Our busy schedules have engrossed us so much that we are failing to enjoy the pleasant moments. People are trying to consult a certified tantra practitioner for help but losing the urge halfway. The physical transformations and declining sexual hormones levels are not allowing them to take the next step. Consequently, it is affecting their neurological and circulatory functioning. For one’s own betterment, they should go for life and sexuality coaching to improve their sleep time, everyday life, and pleasure moments. But other than going through holistic health and wellness coaching, you can even practice the following to happy and fulfilled sex life. 

Educating Oneself

Life and sexuality coaching often try to pursue that educating oneself is the best tool to be self-aware of all the facts and secrets to their clients. The market and the internet are full of self-help stuff to accommodate a person dealing with every type of sexual issue. When you learn about the basic ideas of being in a fortified state you can easily help your partner understand the workings and nitty-gritty of happy sex life. Moreover, if you are hesitant to speak to your partner about the topic, you can highlight the lines and paragraphs, and they can read them. 

Offer Yourself Time

Sexual responses slow down because of various reasons. People often fall prey to increasing age, rising work pressure, bad sleep time, etc. At these moments, certified tantra practitioners urge people to offer themselves time. Meanwhile, you and your partner can find ways to improve the chances of discovering some quiet, comfortable, and interruption-free locations and settings for pleasure time. Stress and worry diminish a person’s sex life. As a result, they take more time to get aroused or reach orgasm. It will be better if you give yourself time and focus.

Maintain Physical Affection

Physical affection is one of the key aspects of supporting your sex life. As per studies, people who engage in practices like kissing and cuddling frequently, maintain a stronger physical and emotional bond. 

When you practice holistic life and wellness coaching, it reestablishes your physical intimacy without any pressure. As discussed earlier, self-awareness and self-education turn out to be crucial when you are making love with your partner. Learning to touch your partner and help them touch you at the right pleasure points rebuilds the lost energy and even boosts your present life. You get to know about the intensity to use while pleasuring meetings. You can even try different positions to add spice to your love-making experience and help overcome problems.

Practice Kegel Exercises

Sexual fitness also adds in when you want a fruitful pleasure meeting. Kegel exercise helps you in re-posturing your pelvic muscles, help in preventing or controlling urinary inconsistencies, and boost sexual experiences. The exercises are easy and can be learned from online videos and books. 

Relax & Don’t Give-up 

Sometimes, things don’t work. After trying various methods people fail. But it does not force you to give up. Certified tantra practitioners say, at these types of moments, one should relax and try something else. It can be playing a game of monopoly, going to the park together, or doing the household work to spend time together. Many people even try yoga and other physical exercises to calm their senses and have hope. 

If the problem has any medical issue, consult a therapist. With effective treatments and suggestions, one can definitely reach their desired life full of pleasure.


People think love and sex come naturally, so one does not need any formal training or education. But the fantasies and desires remain subdued if you do not communicate. Ultimately, the dissatisfaction is yours and leads to something unworthy. It is better to see Lina Tantric Healer, a certified tantric practitioner for help. She provides life and sexuality coaching that can rise the moments of pleasure. At our place, we help you increase confidence, better your communication skills, and lessen inhibitions promoting a rich, more nuanced, and satisfying sexual experience. The sessions with Lina Tantric Healer help you find a new way to revive your life, sexuality, and creativity. Join the sessions now!

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