5 preschools in India focusing on unique and effective learning methods

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Many of us have fond memories of our childhood schools, and the ones that stand out the most are those with a fun or unique atmosphere. There are many preschools in India that have unique teaching strategies. While some focus on traditional academic subjects others go beyond to teach kids life skills they’ll need as adults. Here are five such preschools:

Drs Kids

Drs Kids is a preschool in Mumbai that focuses on the Montessori philosophy of education. The school's focus is on nutrition and the environment as well, which means that students learn about these concepts at a very early age.

The curriculum is designed for each child individually, so every student will have an individualized experience at Drs Kids.

The school also has a strong emphasis on physical education, giving students plenty of opportunities to get active by playing games outside or participating in sports such as basketball and soccer.


Treehouse is a preschool focused on play-based learning, with a curriculum that is based on the Montessori Method. The teaching style at Treehouse focuses on guiding children to problem solve and think critically, rather than simply memorizing facts.

While this may sound like it’s too advanced for your child, it isn’t! At Treehouse they believe that all children are capable of learning new things when given the right tools and environment. In fact, they have seen countless children who initially seemed uninterested in school become top students in their class within just one year at Treehouse!

This unique system has resulted in long waiting lists for admission as well as high teacher turnover rates—but don't let either of these deter you from applying! The teachers here truly love what they do and will go out of their way to help your child learn effectively while having fun along the way.

Jain Heritage School

Jain Heritage School is a co-educational school, located in Mumbai. It has a student population of 250 and has a student teacher ratio of 1:15.

The school follows the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The medium of instruction used at this institution is English.

Klay Preschool & Daycare

  • Klay preschool is a play-based preschool. They believe that children learn best through playing, exploring and interacting with their environment and other people. The school helps students develop their social skills by allowing them to learn from each other and build relationships with one another.

  • The curriculum at Klay preschool focuses on developing independent thinking skills in children by teaching them how to think rather than what to think. It teaches them how to problem solve on their own without giving instructions or directions to solve any issue they face while learning new things through play activities, various games etc.,

  • At this school, students are taught how to be self-directed which means that they know what they need as far as academic knowledge goes but also know when it’s time for them take a break so that they don't get bored or frustrated while learning something new because being self directed will allow them realize when this happens so then you can go back and continue where you left off instead of getting frustrated about not knowing something yet again!

The Gaudium School

The Gaudium School is an international school with a focus on the Montessori method. The school has been recognized by the Montessori Accreditation Council (MAC) and is part of their network of over 280 schools across 200 countries worldwide. With a very low teacher to student ratio, this school aims to give each child an individualized learning experience by tailoring their curriculum to suit their needs and interests.

The Gaudium School also has an extremely diverse student body which gives students the opportunity to learn from other cultures, languages, religions and backgrounds. In addition to being one of the top preschools in India based on its academic track record, it also has consistently received positive feedback regarding its social impact on children who are underprivileged or belong to marginalized communities such as street kids or orphans without parents who can afford basic amenities like food or clothes for their children; these children may not even have access

to education otherwise!

There are many preschools in India that have unique teaching strategies.

Some of them are:

  • Drs Kids

  • The Preschool at Neev, New Delhi

  • Little Stars Pre School & Junior KG, Mumbai

Each school has its own set of teaching methods and techniques that make it stand out from the rest. For example, Drs Kids uses an integrated approach to education where they combine various subjects together such as science and art to teach a single concept or idea. In addition to this approach, these schools also emphasize on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) activities for kids during their play time which makes learning fun for the children.


There are many preschools in India that have unique teaching strategies. The Gaudium School uses puppetry and music to teach children, while Drs Kids focuses on making learning fun by incorporating games into their daily curriculum.

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