5 Myths About Cannabis

by Sierra Powell Writer

Between work, school, family life, and the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that we are currently living through, more and more people are looking for help unwinding, relieving anxiety, and staying centered and calm. Mental health treatment is more prevalent today, although some say they are hesitant to take synthetic medications that help with symptoms of anxiety. Those same individuals have heard about the benefits of cannabis but are also have concerned about the myths surrounding cannabis use.

Continue reading to discover why cannabis is a great way to unwind, relieve stress and anxiety, and a list of some myths about cannabis that get debunked or clarified.

Cannabis is a plant, also popularly known as marijuana or weed. It is harvested and dried and its flowers are used medicinally and recreationally where legal. It is loved because it is natural and known for calming and reducing the feelings created by stress and anxiety. Some myths and facts are listed below.

Myth: Cannabis use is dangerous.

Fact: As with anything in life, abuse or misuse can lead to dangers and harm. That is the same with cannabis. However, there are many more positive effects of cannabis than dangers. It is great medicine for those suffering from cancer or other terminal illnesses. It relieves pain and some residual effects of pain like vomiting after chemotherapy. Cannabis also is used by arthritis patients and others with illnesses for relief of symptoms. However, some dangers of misusing cannabis include:

  • Buying cannabis on the street that is laced with other drugs.

  • Misusing cannabis and operating a car or heavy machinery.

  • Having a solid hallucination effect.

  • Cyclic vomiting syndrome.

  • Accidental poisoning of children who think edibles are treats.

Myth: Cannabis use causes cancer.

Fact: It is true that cannabis contains a lot of the same carcinogens (cancer causers) as cigarettes/tobacco. However, people smoke much less cannabis than they do cigarettes. In addition, researchers have found that smoking cannabis can inhibit cancer or tumor growth and a positive association between smoking cannabis and cancer.

Another fact is that cannabis can be put into an edible where no smoke is involved. An edible is something that you digest, like food, and although it takes the cannabis longer to get into your system, there is no smoke involved and therefore no effect on your lungs with edibles. There are great variations on edibles such as candies, mints, cookies, and brownies. There are even creative recipes for smoothies and cooked meals using cannabis oils.

Myth: You will get busted purchasing cannabis.

Fact: For states where the sale of cannabis is legal, you can only sell commercial cannabis as part of the legal cannabis industry if you have obtained a license to do so. The sale of cannabis without a license is illegal. Therefore, there is a chance that if police are watching the unlawful sale of cannabis, there could be a raid or arrest made. If you live in a state where cannabis purchase is legal or have a medical cannabis card, you can go to a legal dispensary and shop without worry. You can also search online for “dispensary delivery near me.” Several dispensaries will deliver products to you directly. Your purchase of cannabis will arrive discreetly and wrapped that no one but you knows what you are getting.

Myth: Cannabis use leads to crime.

Fact: Crime is not the result of using cannabis. Crime is the result of a person deciding to do something illegal. There are as many people who don't use cannabis who commit crimes as those who use it and commit crimes.

Myth: You cannot get a job if you use cannabis.

Fact: Many employers have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to illegal drugs. However, if you have a legal card to purchase and use cannabis medicinally, then a job cannot discriminate against you for that prescription. 

As you can see from the above, there are many myths about cannabis. However, cannabis is a wellness drug that can be used safely and with positive results.

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