5 Important Safety Tips You Should Teach Your Children

by Jeremy Thompson Web Marketer
Child safety is the most important concern of every parent. That’s why they make a lot of efforts to ensure their little ones are protected from all odds. But what about the time when you’re not with your child or when they’re lost? Will your kids be able to take responsibility for their personal security? These heart-pounding questions are necessary to analyze whether your child is ready for scary situations or not.
Experienced preschool teachers in Markham recommend teaching children the safety basics is the first step towards making them confident and independent. Also, it prepares them for unfavourable circumstances so that they can protect themselves in an emergency. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your child the following safety tips so that they stay safe when you’re not around or when stuck in an adverse situation.

1) Know Your Full Name, Address and Cell Phone Number

Even if your kid is too young to memorize information, it is important to teach basic contacts details such as your full name, home address and cell phone number of you and your partner. When your child is lost in a public place, he/she can share your contact number with a police officer or someone who can inform you where your child is. Make sure your child memorizes these important details by practising it regularly at home.
2) Never Go Anywhere with a Stranger

Teach your children that no matter the circumstances, they should never go anywhere with a stranger. Don’t stop them from talking to strangers as this might take away all people who try to help them. Also, tell them to never eat anything given by a stranger as it is dangerous to accept food from anyone. If someone offers food in your absence, ask your child to politely refuse it. Use role-playing activities to help children learn this rule where you play the role of a stranger who says, ‘I’ve got candies for you’ or ‘Your mom asked me to pick you up’. It will help children be prepared with what to say when a stranger approaches with bad intentions.
3) Ask for Help Safely

Asking for help from strangers can be risky. That’s why it is necessary to teach your kids to look for helpful people. Instead of going to a random stranger, tell them to ask a woman with a child for help. If they’re unable to spot one, tell them to go to a store salesperson with a nametag, a security guard or a police officer. But, never go to a person in a car or get into a car if a person says he/she can help.

4) No One Is Allowed to Touch Your Body

As soon as your kids start understanding the basics, teach them the safety rule of not allowing anyone to touch their body. Make it clear that only mom, dad and doctor (when they are not well) are allowed to touch them. Teach them the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. It can be done by mentioning the bathing suit rule, i.e., the areas covered by their bathing suit are their private parts and they should not let anyone touch them at those places. If anyone else touches your kid in your absence, which he/she doesn’t like, your kid should immediately inform you or alert people around.
5) Call 911 in an Emergency

Many parents may have already told their children to call 911 in an emergency. If by any chance you haven’t introduced your kid to this number, it is time you should. But make sure you teach them what constitutes an emergency and when to call 911. Role-play to help them gain a better understanding of proper use. For example, teach them that they should call 911 when there’s fire at home, someone is choking or has passed out, but not when they need help with their homework.
Simple lessons and regular practice of the above-listed rules can ensure your child’s safety when you’re not around. Make it a point to review these tips or else your child can forget them. Life is uncertain and you can’t predict when you’ll be stuck in a scary situation. It is better to prepare your child for what to do if you get separated or when they’re all alone. But remember to keep things fun. Many preschool teachers suggest that serious subject should be taught in an enjoyable way because it is easier for kids to retain information when they enjoy learning.

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