5 'I Can Do That!' Seo Tricks For The Digital Business

by Abhinav G. Movie Enthusiast

SEO was something I had never heard of before I started working with Smegoweb. Google, I assumed, was smart enough to only show businesses that it thought were good in its ranking. I was shocked to learn the complex art of SEO. But after 3 years, I can say that there are some simple things you could do to boost your rankings and get more people to click on your site.

1. Meta descriptions

Meta is a term that doesn't mean anything specific, but it can be summed up as 155 characters about a web page to summarize what it contains. This is google's version of TL;DR. It lets it know if the page it displays to users is what they want. They are easy to create and can be found on the backend of your website. This is an example from our website.

"Hey! Our award-winning New Zealand marketing agency is based there. You're just a step away from double the growth of your company with us.

Google will be able to better understand and rank your website if you use one of these on every page.

2. H1 Tags and H2 Tags

The header tags for each page are H1 and H2 tags (and onwards). This, along with the Meta Description allows Google to index your content, so it is important that these tags clearly define what you are trying to say. This is the one we have on our website:

Our H1 tag literally says 'Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency.' Header tags are visible to all visitors to your site. While your catchphrase may be cool, it is more important to define what your page will offer to people and Google. The H2 tags, the H3 tags and so on are the headers that follow. The headers for each fold will be these tags, but you can define them by putting

You can add the following to each header:*header*


3. Image Alt Text

Google, despite its intelligence, hasn't mastered the art of reading images visually yet. It is improving, but it's still a long way off. It relies on Image Alt Text in order to determine what an image is. It is easy to impress Google by using clear and concise Image Alt Texts. Here's an example of a clear Image Alt Text.

Here is a picture of Simon King. He is the Head of Data and Integration at OSS Group. This is clearly defined in the Image Alt Text, which allows Google to identify it immediately. Although website visitors may not notice, this is a great way to improve your website's hygiene and ranking.

4. Page Loading Speed

Have you ever been on a website that was slow? You probably noticed if the website took more than 2 seconds to load. Google penalizes slow websites because they provide a poor user experience. Cloudflare can help speed up a website that is slow for many reasons. It reroutes servers and reduces image cache, among other things. We achieved the following results for a client:

Cloudflare optimization reduced the loading time of the website from 29.6 to 4.38 seconds and the size of the webpage from 39.3mb down to 27.1mb. This website still needs a lot more work, but we made a huge improvement in just 5 minutes.

5. Get Mobile Optimised

This one isn't easy, but it's important. I'm including it. In 2018, 58% of US searches were done on mobile. Over half of your traffic is on mobile devices, so why are people focused on optimising their website for desktop? You may already have automatic mobile optimization if you use a CMS like Shopify, Hubspot or Wordpress.

67.4% mobile users leave websites instantly. Many will do so because of the poor experience. Not only will a mobile-optimised website bring you more customers, but Google now gives it a higher ranking, making it even more important to be at the top of the page. Find a specialist if you need assistance. I can recommend a good one.

A clean website will boost your digital presence, and maintaining a healthy SEO is crucial for the continuous growth of your business on platforms like Google. To enhance your website's performance, consider implementing these five habits. In doing so, you can ensure that your online presence remains strong and competitive. Whether you operate in Auckland, NZ, or any other location, focusing on SEO practices will contribute significantly to the success of your business. I will be delighted to congratulate and reward you for your efforts in six months. Remember, optimizing for local search, such as SEO in Auckland, NZ, can further amplify your online visibility and attract relevant traffic to your website.

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