5 Home Practices to Keep Your Dog Fit

by DCC Pets Veterinary Hospital

It’s undeniable that your dog is your best friend. He is there with you when you are bored, he is there when you are sad, he is there when you are happy, he’s there to celebrate all moments of your life and be with you. Your dog is dependent on you for pretty much everything  just like you are dependent on him for unconditional love, care and support. 

In order, to make sure that you are able to enjoy every moment with your dog to the fullest and that he is happy and fit you need to take some precautions and follow certain best practices, medically recommended to follow to ensure he has a healthy life, needless to mention also  ensure regular check ups with the vet

1.    A balanced diet

This is kind of a given. However, many pet owners do not exactly know how to move along with the process of controlling their pet’s diet in such a way that they get all the nutrients required for healthy living. Human grade food sometimes we feel is as good for the pets as it is for us but that isn’t true, requirements of carbs, fats and proteins are in different proportions for both humans and pets. Some prefer commercial dog food for this reason. But the fact of the matter is that neither of the two in isolation would be a correct answer, the challenge is to ensure we give them a balanced meal and balanced can vary from breed to breed, based on life stages of the dog, his health history and so on so best is to consult a vet for the best plan and upgrade across life stages.

2.    Keep your dog active (along with you!)

Ditching morning walks with your dog just because your bed is too comfy is not a very good idea. It makes your dog lazy and also weakens the connection between you and him. So make sure you do your daily walks with him. Along with that, you should also make sure that you introduce new toys whenever the old toys wear out or they get boring (for your dog) . An active dog is a healthy dog, so plan activities at a Veterinary Care, do the things he loves most with him. Regular exercise and routine really benefit from a health perspective.

3.    Make sure that your dog is not dehydrated

Making sure that your dog is properly hydrated is very important since it will help in preventing any kind of kidney problems, urinary infections, inactivity among various other issues. Make sure that your dog has access to water, keep bowls in various rooms of your house. Next, also keep in mind that your dog’s food also contains water and you need to adjust how much water you are giving your dog in water bowls or mixed in food. Properly research and give an adequate amount of water to your dog based on his weight. Suggest consulting the vet on water intake along with the meal plans.

4.    Help your dog in Socialising

Nobody likes to be alone, be it humans or animals. Socialising your dogs with other pets, and humans , allows them to get comfortable with company, develop trust and makes them less aggressive. Dogs like humans are social beings and so, need an adequate amount of simulation from other animals particularly dogs to be happy. Take your pet to pet dates with other dogs or to parks, or walks near your locality. 

5.    Spend time with your dog on a regular basis

When you adopt a pet you need to commit to a regular plan where you take out time from all that keeps you occupied and spend time with them, give them that attention and that love they crave for cause no matter where and what they do to keep busy all day, pets feel very special when they spend time with their owners. It is very important for their emotional well being.

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