5 Gift Items To Give A Woman Depending On Her Personality Type

by Jace. Design Iphone Accessories

If a special occasion is coming up for you lady, then you may be thinking about gifting her something she finds interesting and valuable. And if you are thinking of getting a customized gift for her, but are unsure what you should buy and offer, then you can take the help of personality profiles. And one of the most popular personality profiling is the Myers-Briggs personality test which classifies people into 16 types. Below, we look at 5 of the most popular types and what gifts are suitable for them.


The people with the ISTJ personality types are said to be the calm, peaceful types. They are very security oriented people and often look for a job where they can work without having to leave it. The need for security also extends to other areas like computer privacy, home security and so on. They don’t mind working hard. Considering such qualities, it would be ideal if you get them a gift that adds to their feeling of security. For, a security system for their home or a software to keep their data secure are things that will likely be appreciated by them.


They have leadership qualities and are normally thrust into leadership roles wherever they go. People with an ENTJ personality profile are not afraid to speak their mind and are very quick at analyzing problems. They are also very interested in acquiring knowledge and enjoy conversations with intelligent people. So, if the woman you wish to send a gift to be a boss at some office, then look for books that talk about leadership, and gift it to her. Not only will the book prove to be useful for her, she will be thankful that you introduced the book to her.


People who belong to this group have a strong sense of righteousness and often spend their time philosophizing about life. They are very loyal to their friends and lovers, and express themselves more easily through their writing than speech. And if your woman has such qualities, then consider giving her a one week vacation pass at any spiritual retreat, where she can spend some quality time thinking about life and discussing with like minded people.


They are fun loving people and are very great to be around. Such people value their relationships very much and try to ensure that they are on good terms with everyone. And this is one of the reasons they attract and maintain a large circle of friends. And if you are considering giving a gift to such a woman, think of buying her a pass at an adventure theme park> you can also get a customized gift for her to show her that you value your relationship with her very much.


These are artistic people who have a very tender heart and are always caring about the people they love. A good gift for such women will be a painting done by their favorite painter, or a trip to places like Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc., where they can explore the majestic architecture of ancient civilizations.

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