5 Best Tips to Hire Right Dissertation Consultant

by Randhir Pandey Team Lead - Marketing

If over-thinking is like your hobby and you are worried all the times, then we have so much in store for you. Sounds strange right? Well, you can make anxiety work for you. Yes, there is a way to use your worrisome mind in some constructive task. It is time you become the master of your mind and use the creative way of thinking (let’s stop calling it over-thinking) for your career advancement. Yes, you heard it right. You can use your over-thinking skills to choose the best dissertation consultant for you.

Dissertation, this word, brings many painful memories to the mind of recent graduates. For students who are about to get one, it means uncertainty. Self-doubts, slip-ups and writer’s block are common issues that students face while working on a dissertation project. After all, it is a writing of over 10,000 words; no sane person can like it. At times, it feels like a burden as it has this bad habit of growing at an alarming length. Even if writing one makes you stressed and a prickly feeling starts bugging you from the very moment you are assigned one, a dissertation can teach you some of the finest lessons one could hope to learn.

Emily, a recent master’s graduate, recalls having nightmares about not being able to submit the dissertation within time. Getting cold feet with writing dissertation is quite natural and in case you are having a suffocating feeling of being in neck-deep mess, then hiring a dissertation consultant should be your immediate concern.

What are some common hurdles that one encounters while writing a dissertation?

The dissertation is likely to be the greatest academic challenge that you will face as a student. Visiting library this weekend? Make a note of talking to any finalist at the library, and you can easily imagine from their displeasure and despairing facial expression that writing a dissertation is not a fun thing to do. They might share some hair-raising experiences like Emily’s with you. Do not be intermediated. You just need to take a deep breath and first start with getting a heads-up about what is coming your way.

  • Soon after starting work on your dissertation, you are likely to lose interest

Unravelling an uncovered topic is a deceptively difficult task. Soon after you start working on it, you might find yourself losing interest in digging out new and undiscovered information. Inspiration strikes you when you least expect it. And when you are banging your head against the wall, it seems like a distant dream. So, losing motivation to keep working on a task which seems to go nowhere is the first problem coming your way.

  • Unavailability of your dissertation coach

While choosing your advisor, you might have asked him all significant questions other than the most important one, how much time he or she is willing to give you. Universities assign a senior subject matter experts or PhD scholar to guide you with your paper. Now you may get someone who is not always available to solve your queries.

  • Not having proper plan about what to research for

Research is interesting up to that point when you know where you research is leading you to. The moment you get over indulged with your research, you start losing track. Soon it will become frustrating for you to drive this researching car without any proper destination. Our suggestion is not to be aimless when it comes to researching.

  • Time crunch

This one is classic and every student working especially on extensive assignments help like a dissertation faces it. Steven, a recent journalism graduate of Kingston University, talks about his nightmarish days, ‘the dissertation was an unnecessarily lengthy arduous process. Back then, I caught the flu, two weeks before the date of submission and as a lot of things were still pending, I had to pull three all nighters in a row...’ Such horror stories, right? Our suggestion is not to panic and just keep reading. In the next segment, we are going to tell you ways to dodge all these bullets.

  • Unnecessary tinkering

Self-doubt can harm us in many ways. It keeps us from achieving our full potential. Lack of self-reliance is a debilitating thought pattern that compromises our chance for success. Struggling with self-doubt is nothing new for students. Alys Key, a student at Oxford University, says she faced the most difficulty at the last stage, hardly four days before submission. It was the final revision and proofreading time, and while doing so, she felt everything is wrong on her paper. She reminded of having problems with any random portion of the paper. Our suggestion, you need to stop over stressing about what you have written and what more can be included. Cut yourself some slack here. Even if everything seems bad, try not to be too serious about those and only correct some glaring mistakes. Stop sulking over the thought that I should have looked into some more relevant references. Save yourself all these troubles by avoiding unnecessary tinker at the 11th hour.

Other than these most frequently discussed and faced barriers, other obstacles can anytime appear at the scene. Before start working on a dissertation, you need to be ready for any unforeseen circumstances.

If you are still reading, then we appreciate your patience, and it is time we cut to the chase. Have you considered hiring a dissertation coach? If you not, then it is high time that you start thinking about hiring help from these professionals.

Wondering if you should hire a dissertation consultant? To find the answer, you should first read about what a dissertation consultant does. A dissertation writer is a PhD scholar whom you can hire to get assistance to write his or her dissertation. You might think about hiring a dissertation consultant you will get a ready-made dissertation. No. It is not always the case. This person will be your guide and will teach you required skills to go on help with your Assignment. You dissertation consultant will help you to acquire accurate stats; will teach you skills to interpret those stats correctly and how and where to include those facts and stats in your paper.

Things to consider before hiring a research consultant

The thumb rule of hiring a consultant is asking questions. Only by communicating your doubts and insecurities, you will be free with your consultant. So before hiring any random person, make sure these checklist gets ticked.

  • Be sure about his or her educational qualifications

A professional and experienced dissertation consultant will not only train you how to write a dissertation effectively. He or she will even provide you written samples of ready dissertations. Will also assist you with writing dissertation proposals, scholarly publications and will help you with preparing your portfolio to display your achievement in academia and your substantial transition. So finding a reliable one requires more than clicking on random links. You need to know what to expect from your consultant.

It is too obvious to mention that you must check educational qualification of a potential consultant. He or she must be a PhD on your subject on related subject matter. If possible and you have time, try to check papers written by your consultant.

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