5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Regular Cooking Oil With Olive Oil

by Luessi Dino I am a Writer

When it comes to choosing the best cooking oil for health, Olive oil should always be your pick. In the Mediterranean diet, it has been considered one of the healthiest and most essential part. It is a monounsaturated fat that is rich in bioactive compounds in comparison with the other vegetable cooking oils.

24% of the Olive oil contains Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acids, and Saturated fats, while 73% is dominated with monounsaturated fat namely Oleic acid, that is considered the healthiest for regular consumption. The Extra Virgin Olive oil has a great heat resistivity that makes it the healthiest cooking oil of all time.  

Here are a few benefits of cooking with Olive oil

Prevents High Blood Pressure

The ‘Liquid Gold’ is enriched with greater amounts of monounsaturated fats that contains one of the most essential and healthy fatty acid known as Omega3. Why is it healthy? Because it helps in making the heart healthier and reducing high blood pressure. Since a human cannot produce the essential fatty acid (EFA) by itself, it must be supplemented by the sources of food. Therefore, it is suggested for the people suffering from high blood pressure to make Olive oil a part of their regular diet.

Reduces the chances of Alzheimer's disease

With the growing old age, the cognitive abilities start to diminish. Alzheimer's happens to be one of the diseases that is mostly found among the elder people. Studies suggest that the use of Olive oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil protects against the risks of cognitive decline making it the healthy oil for cooking you must add to aged person’s diet.

Fends off the risks of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis that is often found in older women is a disease that not only affects the density of bones but makes them brittle and weak. But it can be prevented if the precautions are taken from the younger age. Evidence suggests that the consumption of Olive oil increases the amount of calcium in the blood which helps in preventing the risks of Osteoporosis.

Contains ample amount of Anti-oxidants

There is a huge amount of Anti-oxidants present in Olive oil in the form of Phenolic compounds, carotenoids and Vitamin E. These anti-oxidants are believed to reduce the creation of damaging free radicals in the human body. Free radicals can start a chain of reactions that are negative in nature and have the potential of damaging DNA, make changes to the genes which can lead to cancerous diseases and injure blood vessels.

Protects the Heart from risks

The Monounsaturated fat that is the primary good fat present in Olive oil has proven to lower the Cholesterol and bad Cholesterol levels in total. The reduction of bad cholesterol ensures a lesser clogging in the arteries and lesser chances of strokes and other heart diseases. Not only that, it even helps in normalizing blood clotting. 

Apart from these, Olive oil is a great source of improving issues relating to the hair (dryness, roughness, frizz, volume etc.) and skin (pimples, acne etc.). Hence, replacing your regular cooking oil with the Liquid Gold can be a life-saving decision for your entire family.

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