5 Advantages of digital printing

by Shawn William Creative Writer
Currently, digital printing is much more used than traditional printing style. It is a modern technology that allows you to print immediately from a computer file instead of a slide or a photo without going through an intermediate medium. 

It can be used for customized printing or variable data printing. It is used for many marketing needs in black and white and in full color.

With all the technological advances, the latest printing method is digital printing, variable data printing. This technology has a different approach to flexographic or offsets printing. 

Variable data printing uses an algorithm of complex numbers and formulas calculated through a computer program that transfers ink to the material through a sequence of dots to create the desired image. 

Below are the advantages of digital printing:


One of the advantages is the speed due to a minimum configuration of the press and a shorter response time. Since everything is computerized, unnecessary steps such as preparation, plate assembly, recording settings, and ink key are eliminated. The steps involved in printing are fewer. Therefore, the final product can be delivered faster.

Ability to produce short-medium runs

Another advantage is the ability to produce short to medium runs. It is ideal for small businesses because they only pay for what they need. The minimum number of prints can be placed concerning the minimum standard. This printing method is also advantageous for large companies that offer different products because they can make subsequent orders with the quantity sold.


Digital printing offers the advantages of customization in the form of variable data. Text and graphics can be modified without slowing down or stopping printing due to information stored in a file or database. This allows a wider range of high-quality custom prints with full colors.


One important advantage of digital printing is its cost. Digital printing is ideal for high quality and low volume projects when a budget is taken into account. While the unit cost of each part may be greater than offset printing when configuration costs are included, digital printing generates lower unit costs per small print run.

Environmental friendly

It is error free printing, and also environmental friendly it leaves no space for waste compared to other types of printing. It provides instant printing results and prints can be used immediately, unlike other printing services.

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