41 Tested and Proven Email-Writing Tips That You Should Know

by Mrinalini Singh Professional SEO Content Writer

We all know that struggle.

You thought of the words carefully. You put some magical words. You refined every sentence. You dig the core of your brain to get an awesome subject-line and the email content.

And... then you hit send. It's a sigh of relief. You've done it. Cheers!

But, really?

You have not really done it when you see less opened mails and the click-throughs are atrocious. That is of course disappointing and depressing.

It's kind of a challenge when you are doing professional email-writing. The biggest challenge is what to write to get the maximum click-throughs.

SEO Content Studio has brought to you, 41 tested and proven email-writing tips that will make your emails get maximum click-throughs, opened and read rate.

At any point, when you feel stuck or you don't want to read further and simply ask us to do the job, you can reach us anytime. Our best content writers in the USA have expertise in their field and deliver top-notch quality content for your business.

Let's talk about email marketing before we get started.

You might be thinking, it is so old-fashioned to send emails these days; people prefer Skype calling, whatsapp messages or live chats. Well, my friend, gear-up your thinking skills.

You need to know that email marketing is the most powerful and most used marketing tool. It has been delivering up to 500% of ROI to businesses. It has its hold on marketing since 45 years from now and isn't going anywhere, any soon.

Now, that said, the format and strategies have seen quite a changes in the years that came. But, the purpose is the same, to deliver the right message and get the client.

We are not tied up to follow any rules. Format and Design doesn't play a primary role but Content does. Your subject-line, the email body and how you pay regards is what matters. Though, the format and design have their own roles.

So, let's get started with the basic point-of-view that everybody must look from.

Attractive subject-lines are not what they want!


1. Stop using heavy words in the subject-lines.

2. Do not make long subject-lines, they won't show.

3. Think, why are you sending the email, make it meaningful.

An email with the subject-line says: 7 formidable & prodigious tools you should use for your business!!

When asked why you didn't open this email, 45 % of the overall audience stated that they didn't understand the subject-line clearly and 47 % stated that they couldn't see the subject-line as it was too long to fit in the mobile-version.

That's shameful!

Ask yourself, would you ever open such email? I would never open and rather delete without opening.

The biggest mistake here is the two words formidable and prodigious means the same and the writer has simply written "tools", which is not specified which tools he/she is talking about.

It would be, "7 Marketing tools that Business should Use Weekly", it would definitely get amazing click-throughs.

98% of email-opening rate depends on the subject-lines. Let's take a look at the to-do list.

4. What are the readers getting? Give them a promise that we'll get something good? That's what they want. I just mentioned, "7 Marketing tools that Business should Use Weekly". This gives them a promise.

5. Emotion. Power. Uniqueness. These three factors should be there in the subject-line that makes your email stand apart from the other emails. That's how people will open your email.

6. As in the previous headline, I used the number 7. If possible, use numbers in your subject-lines.

7. Curiosity can be a risk factor but you can always give it a try. "Hey guys, I have found out the 7 best SEO strategies with 0$, why not read my blog and check them out.... [Link]." Now, chances are, the reader will check that link but if someone is getting back from 9-5, they might not.

8. Simple words might do the job than the combination of some fancy words.

9. Learn from others but follow yourself. There are numerous masters out there. But, at the end, you are the boss.

10. Try something new. It's okay to do new experiments. Check the results and then decide.

11. Don't write short stories in the subject-lines. You have enough of email body to do the story telling.

12. Avoid quotes. If you are using them, they must directly talk about what's inside or you are taking a risk. Wait for the results.

What should be the first sentence?

"How would it be if you get your favorite Cheese Pizza with 60% off?"

Well, I will definitely read it through, to know how to grab this offer. The objective behind is, the IDEA.

Yes, the first sentence should have the idea that we wish to convey and rest should all be the info. Even if you read the first line, it should be enough for the reader that they could choose to skip reading the later.

You have already left them wondering about the 60% off on Cheese Pizza.

Now, what to write in the first paragraph?

Well, that is a tricky part.

Now, your reader is already wondering about the 60% off on the yummy Cheese Pizza. How about offering them the link to buy the pizza, just after the first line?

Take my words, they will surely follow.

Email Body

Now, you would be thinking, what else is required when the audience has clicked the link and ordering the pizza.

Well, a link and a captive first line aren't enough. Rich text is something you need to learn about. Any professional email must have at least three to four hyperlinks.

For example, I'll continue with the Pizza email. Once you have added the link to order, you can also talk about the other pizzas that your customers would like. You can request them to rate you or ask for a feedback.

If you are using some designed email templates that people call as mailers, then also you need some engaging content in the email body.

If someone has rated you, share it on the email, share your credibility and great feedbacks. That will build trust between you and your clients and they will definitely come to you.

When should I send the emails?

I always tell my employees to not to respond late in night, even if it is by me.

There are many people working at night. But, they are probably working and not making themselves available for reading and responding to emails.

The best time is always after 11 a.m. to be specific with professional emails. Everybody settle them down by this time and are ready to work on their daily tasks and the very first is to check their mailbox.

One of my dear business friends sent an email to her employees that said, "Meeting tomorrow at 1 p.m."

Well, what are the employees supposed to say?

"Okay, sure ma'am."

"Oh, okay ma'am. I actually need a leave tomorrow."

"I am sorry ma'am, I cannot join, am on leave."

What would you say?

That is so embarrassing and becomes quite necessary for the employees to respond, even when they don't want to.

That said, sending late night emails, is always a bad idea.

I have a good idea. If you are feeling tired of writing emails, have nobody else to write or lack the art of writing, we can do that for you. Our professional content writers will get to the core of your business to deliver the best emails. All you need to do is, just let us know your content requirements.

The final note

The important part of the email.

Goodbyes are not always sad because here you would be closing a deal.

If your email has not done what you were expecting it to do, the final note is your last chance to make your email worth it.

Short. Crisp and "hell yeah, I want this right now" type of a content is what should be there at the end.

Now, let's get more of it..

Need of crafting anticipating emails

I have a quick question for you. What email would you prefer first, an email from a friend or a corporate business addressing to a faceless crowd of unknowns?

I know you know the answer. Even I would prefer to read an email from a friend.

That simplifies my point of asking this question. The email should be friendly or personalized.

Ease down your email to a personal tone than a highly professional email. Unless you want the reader to imagine you as someone standing right in front of them in black suit with a bow, tie, a suitcase and a bunch of files, offering them a business deal.

Yeah! That's way too creepy.

So, without wasting your precious moments, let us get to some essentials for creating personalized emails.

13. Do not talk about the number of people you are addressing, simply write as if you are emailing single person. That itself makes your email more friendly and personal.

14. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyplace. Quit that right away. Send them emails when you have something really special unless you have your daily newsletters and have a great traffic over your blogs.

15. A friend in need is a friend in deed. This applies here since we are talking about being personal in emails. A friend helps when in need. Make them aware of what they should do or what they should not, help them.

16. Do not use your company's name. What's your name? Rhea, Alan, Nikita, Joy, use your name and sound personal.

17. Transparency is important with friends. Building friendship is easy but maintaining is like bones cracking. It is okay to send sales emails. So, why hide? Tell your subscribers, when they join.

18. Following up is a great idea, but following up way too much, isn't. Don't sound creepy. Don't irritate your readers, they might unsubscribe.

19. Talk about struggles that you did, tell them how you made your way out. Give them solutions.

20. Offers are not bad. Give away something to your loyal readers. They might give you an order.

21. Always send a question at the end. "Is there anything I can help you with?", "Do you have any questions?" and let them send you a response.

Keep your readers engaged

So, now when you know the basic essentials of email marketing let's get ahead and find how to keep the audience engaged with the content.

Remember, I mentioned the Cheese Pizza example. That was too specific. Now we are into the roots of email marketing so let's get into general terms. Here's the to-do list.

22. Make it quick. To-the-point emails are quite appreciated. If you are working with SEO Content Studio, you would know that our professional content writers know how to do that.

23. Unless you are talking about your own life struggle, make it short and meaningful.

24. Ask questions as I mentioned earlier, keep the audience engaging and build a connection with the reader.

25. Make your own way. Its okay to ask for suggestions, take help but don't stick to the rules as I said in the beginning.

26. "Trust me, I have known that struggle." That calls personalization. Connect to the readers. Tell them that you and they are no different.

27. Automatic emails are great but personalize them. Trust me, they sound rude. Whenever I see an automated email, I feel like, "Disappear, why are you here?"

28. You, Your, I, me, us, we, use such words in your emails. This builds an emotional connection with them.

29. Do not think that you are sending out promotional emails. Email as if you it's just a means of your conversation. Make it sound connected and personal.

30. Don't sound like a robot. Use persuasive words that are different from the others. Choose your own style.

31. Monotony is not what they want. To engage with your readers, sound interesting. Change your way of writing. Choose another font or include some nice images.

32. Don't be selfish. That's not what friends should do. If you are sending out emails, be genuine and generous.

Emails that Sell

First of all, you need to realize that it's not for fun. Above written is all true but at the end, you are going earn from this.

So, let's learn how to sell your emails being a genuine and friendly person.

33. Be patient. Allow the readers to trust you before you beg them to buy your $100 product.

34. Don't sell your services but their benefits. Tell them why they should buy your services. What is so special about you?

35. Hurt them once. Tell them why they badly need your services. Tell them, what if they don't buy, what are they going to miss and how it can affect them.

36. Don't make it an always-to-be-used formula. No Rules!! Don't be a robot. Be human and connect with them.

37. Tell stories, that could do the job. Stories have a power to convey your sales message when the short & crisp don't do.

38. Create deadlines. When you see that your lead is taking too long to respond, set a deadline.

39. As I mentioned before with the Cheese Pizza example, mention at least three to four links. They might not be interested in the cheese pizza so let them find something of their choice.

40. A clear CTA. A simple and a clear Call To Action tend to get higher click-throughs than the ones that are meaningless.

41. PS is quite a word that you must use. Take the advantage of reminding them something that they might have missed in the earlier emails.


It's true that email marketing is doing wonders in the digital era but there is no doubt that everyone gets a hell lot of emails every day.

I do not mean to stop sending emails. Well, I wrote a long enough article to explain you related stuff, I would never tell you to do so..

All I mean is, to be careful. If someone is taking interest in reading your first email, promise yourself to give them a better one next time.

With every going email you need to prove yourself. Know them better, let them trust you. Share a connection that you can empathize with each others' struggle. Most preferably, you should empathize to theirs.

You trust your best friend, be the one for your readers.

When you have learnt these 41 tips, understand that you learnt to hit send and boost your business.

At SEO Content Studio, we have the best content writers in the USA who have been known for delivering content that sells.

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