40 Tips To Get A Comfortable Night Sleep

by Moazzem H. Digital Marketing & SEO Expert
Sleep is an essential part of our life. Without getting enough sleep, none can alive. Here, we listed 40 tips and ideas which will provide you a comfortable night sleep. Follow the methods below.

  1. If noise is a problem, try a white noise machine. Soothing, nature CDs can also be helpful.
  2. Avoid cigarettes before bed. Although you may consider a pre-bed smoke relaxing, nicotine is actually a stimulant.
  3. Avoid alcohol before bed. While alcohol may initially knock you out, the sleep produced is not typically restful.
  4. Although you should avoid a heavy meal before bed, a carb-rich snack before bed can bring about a restful state.
  5. Avoid protein before bed.
  6. You probably heard it growing up, and it's actually true-- a glass of milk can be very relaxing. For the ideal bedtime snack, try a glass of milk and a slice of toast.
  7. Avoid exercise… or exercise at bedtime… it depends on your body’s response to exercise. If it energizes you, avoid exercising in the hours leading up to bedtime. If, on the other hand, exercise helps you relax, exercise before bed.
  8. Minimize drinks, even water, in the hours leading to bed.
  9. Develop a regular pre-bed routine. Just as a bedtime ritual helps children sleep, a regular routine also helps train the adult body to sleep at certain times. Your routine could include a snack, bath, light reading, and listening to relaxation tapes.
  10. Take a warm (not hot) bath. Use salts, bubbles, or soaps in relaxing scents, such as lavender.
  11. Use aromatherapy candles, but be sure to extinguish them before you sleep. These can be a perfect addition to your bubble bath. Just light the candles, turn out the lights, and play some relaxing tunes for a heavenly bath experience! Some scents to try: rose, sandalwood, jasmine, and lavender.
  12. Try writing in a journal before bed. Write about the positive things that have happened that day or the things you are thankful for. If writing about problems helps you put them out of your mind, try writing about things that have bothered you that day. Once you are finished writing, do not dwell on the issues.
  13. Have a potato before bed. Sound strange? According to Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons, author of Potatoes Not Prozac, the potato has a stress-reducing, relaxation-inducing quality.
  14. Avoid long naps, especially after 2pm.
  15. Do not use the television to put you to sleep. In fact, keep the TV out of your bedroom!
  16. Try herbal tea before bed. Sleepytime Tea by Celestial Seasonings is particularly good.
  17. Play relaxing music, such as classical, at a low volume. Allow your mind to float away on the melody, drifting away to sleep.
  18. Meditation and yoga bring peace to the mind, making sleep much easier.
  19. Use an eye mask to block out light.
  20. Sharing bed space with a baby, child, or pet? Rethink your family bed situation for optimal sleep. A co-sleeper bassinet keeps baby out of your bed but still within arm's reach.
  21. Use ear plugs to block out car horns, a snoring spouse, and other distractions.
  22. Go to bed before midnight. Research has shown that the hours before midnight offer much more productive sleep than the hours after.
  23. Avoid spicy or fatty foods for dinner.
  24. Take up aerobic exercise, such as walking or running. People who exercise on a daily basis tend to sleep better than more sedentary folks. Schedule your exercise for optimal rest-- if a run energizes you, jog first thing in the morning; if a stroll around the block relaxes you, walk at night.
  25. Replace an old, damaged, or sagging mattress. The right mattress can make a world of difference in the quality of your sleep.
  26. Make sure sheets and bed linens are clean and dry.
  27. Try using linen sprays in relaxing scents such as lavender.
  28. Make sure sheets and blankets are of a pleasing, non-irritating texture. Natural fibers are better.
  29. Try a pillow that allows proper spinal alignment. Bed, Bath & Beyond has a great selection of specialty pillows, and you can try them in the store.
  30. If you and your sleep partner have different tastes in mattress firmness, try a good bed or something similar.
  31. Try homeopathic sleep aids.
  32. Use visualization to help you sleep… visualize your body releasing its pain and worry, one organ or limb at a time.
  33. Avoid using alarm clocks with large, brightly lit numbers or loud ticking.
  34. Avoid arguments and spirited debates within a couple of hours of bedtime. Instead, opt for peaceful, low-key conversations.
  35. Read calm or spiritual books before bedtime. This isn’t the time for action-packed thrillers!
  36. Pray. For many people, prayer is incredibly relaxing. If you are spiritual or religious, just turn your troubles over to God for the night.
  37. Make sure your medications are not causing insomnia. Many migraine pills contain caffeine. While the stimulant is excellent for shutting down a headache, it’s not so good for shutting down your body.
  38. For proper spinal alignment, sleep on your back or on your side.
  39. If you need to hit the snooze button in the mornings, you aren’t getting enough sleep. Consider moving your bedtime back by 15 minutes.
  40. Do not stress out about your inability to sleep; try not to think about it at all. If you are still awake after 20 to 30 minutes, get out of bed and do a relaxing activity until you feel sleepy.
  41. Don’t watch the clock. Telling yourself, “I can still get seven hours of sleep (or six, five, three, or two) if I go to sleep right now” is counterproductive and will likely increase your anxiety and your sleeplessness.
  42. If your partner is willing, have a pre-bed massage. Physical touch and massage can be very relaxing, especially if combined with dim lights, relaxing CDs, and aromatherapy candles. And if they lead to something else, well... intimacy is also a bit of a sedative for some people.

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