4 Reasons Why You Need A Pad For Your Rug

by Tyler P. A Passionate Blogger - Entertainment
For homeowners that want a rug that looks natural, primitive, and warm to look at, look no further than a braided rug. These rugs provide soft materials, eye popping colors, and unique patterns and designs. These rugs are also ideal for hanging on the wall, which are ideal to make it last longer, opposes to using it for your floor. Even so, you can find a braided rug that ties your whole room together.
If you insist to buy affordable braided rugs online for use on your floor, you will want to either buy rugs that have padding or rugs that you can pad yourself. Installing a pad may seem like a disservice to the braided rug's natural and primitive appeal, however, a pad on the underside of any rug does nothing buy good things for the rug's long term usage. No matter what floor you have or what room the rug is in, a pad will be great to have for your rug for a number of reasons.
1. Longevity
Like the bottom layer of your living room carpet, you would like a rug to last you a long time from not only regular wear and tear, but also the results of constant, daily food traffic. Rug pads are made to compress and expand upon each footstep, meaning that the fibers of the rig will be relieved from strain. The rug has to have something to be pressed against instead of getting crushed against a hard floor.
2. Friction
A rug without padding, especially a braided rug, does not have much resistance against a hard wood or vinyl floor that it lies on. Without friction, rugs can easily slide around the floor. When you step on a rug without a pad underneath, it will be sure to move. Rugs can even move when anchored by a chair or sofa, and will bunch up as well as increase the risk of passersby tripping. With a rug pad, the rug will not move, and will always lay flat on any ground. Rugs with pads are proven to be much safer.
3. Protection Of Floor
Aside from the rug cover the floor, it doesn't mean the rug alone will fully protect it. This may not apply to most affordable braided rugs online, but rugs tend to have backings that feel as rough as sandpaper, which can scratch a hard floor easily. Other mishaps include the transfer of color from the rug to the floor, a small, sharp or hard object like a pebble being caught under the rug, and accelerated wear and tear on the floor caused by regular foot traffic.
4. Cleanliness
Rugs can develop dust and dirt over time, and bacteria can slowly deteriorate the fibers of your braided rug. The good news is that a rug pad can prevent most particles from getting to the rug, and here is how this works. Most pads for rugs have bumps or ridges along its surface, so not only does it keep the rug from slipping, but also traps dirt and blocks it from getting inside of the rug. These bumps can also regulate air flow, so that it is easy to vacuum the trapped dirt and bacteria. Additionally, rug pads are ideal for the kitchen for the possibility of liquid spills. If you drop a glass of juice or water, the spill will not get into the rug once it reaches the edge of its pad. With that in mind, do not worry too much about having a braided rug in your kitchen.
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